Updated Mar 27, 2019

Stepping Stones: Scaling Early Childhood Development at Anganwadi Centers in India

Stepping Stones: "an early step for better future"


Abhay Gaidhane

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Stage 5: Scaling

We have successfully completed the stage of proof of concept and now in phase I of transition to scale. we are looking for potential funding for scaling this project in larger geographic locations in India.

Registered as a Non-Profit.

Focus Areas:

Cognitive Development, Pre-primary/Pre-school/ECD Education and Parent & Family Engagement

Cognitive Development, Pre-primary/Pre-school/ECD Education and Parent & Family EngagementSEE LESS

Funds Raised to Date


Human Development Index of India – 0.467 & Maharashtra state is - 0.572 (2011). Under-5 Mortality Rate: India 43 & Maharashtra state is - 18 per 1000 live births (SRS 2015). India ranks 112 in the Child Development Index (CDI) [Save the Children]. Child Development Index of Maharashtra was 0.769 (2014-15) [NHFS 3] . All these indicators are a result of relatively ignored period of early childhood development in India. The children under lack the early developmental intervention / stimulation.



Our innovation addresses this problem by providing a locally adapted, culturally acceptable Early Childhood Development Curriculum and Positive Parenting Program delivered through Community based Social Business Model .

Target Beneficiaries

The children under 5 and their caregivers/parents, the community and NGOs involved in Early Childhood Development activities and local governments.

Mission and Vision

Vision: Every child, developed to the fullest potential. Mission: Improve early childhood development by empowering caregivers and pre-school teachers in all strata of community.

Innovation Description

The Stepping Stones program aims to improve the government's existing Anganwadi early childhood development centres for indigenous groups in rural communities through the development of an enhanced curriculum, use of technology to track implementation and child outcomes, public-private partnerships, and community engagement. This innovation aims to improve ECD indicators of rural under 5 children through revenues raised from Urban business and develop centers of excellence for sustainable manpower development for coming years.

Competitive Advantage

Implementation of ECD programmes is in Private Preschools in India and hardly any organization address the needs of rural children and actually reaches them. Our model covers this gap and benefits the urban as well as rural children under 5 and their caregivers in a cost effective way.

Planned Goals and Milestones

Scale-up to 100 AWCs Operational Research and Learning Networks in Urban settings NGO Collaboration Govt. takeover
Funding Goal300,000
New Implemented CountriesIndia
Recruit5 Management, 2 Advisors, 25 Volunteers
New FeatureCreate Child Development Centers, Centers of Excellence and Need based customized ECD Packages


Jan 2019
New Product or Service
Happy Parent's Treasure Box for Child Development
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