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SP10 - Human Powered Sludge Pump

The SP10 enables emptiers to safely and hygienically remove human waste from septic tanks.

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Stage 2: Research & Development

The SP10 has been subjected to lab and domestic testing. Testing identified two issues which the new design, the 4th, will resolve.

Focus Areas:

Sanitation, Infectious & Vector Diseases and Waste Management

Sanitation, Infectious & Vector Diseases and Waste ManagementSEE LESS

Implemented In:

United States

United StatesSEE LESS

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There are reportedly over 800,000 people in India alone employed to manually empty septic tanks and latrine pits. The work is commonly done with buckets and involves hard physical labor,getting into the pits, exposure to deadly pathogens, and verbal and physical abuse. It also subjects the household and community to spilled fecal waste resulting in the spread of disease and contributing significantly to the 2.2 million deaths annually from diarrhea.



The Beaumont SP10 was designed to remove human waste from septic tanks and latrine pits in difficult to access communities. It is a reliable, easily manufactured, affordable, durable pump that manual emptiers can use instead of buckets. It is easily transported in dense peri-urban settlements with narrow pathways and it is easy to use as well. Use of the pump will greatly reduce the need for emptiers to enter the pit, prevent spillage, and reduce illegal dumping of waste.

Target Beneficiaries

The SP10 will benefit three groups: 1) pit emptiers using the pump will be able to empty more waste per day, earn more money, reduce contact with waste, and will avoid entering the tank; 2) customers will enjoy a faster, less expensive service with far less spillage on their property; and 3) The communities won't be subjected to illegally dumped waste. Overall, pit emptying will be cleaner, safer, and more professional.

Mission and Vision

Beaumont's mission is to improve the lives of 100 million people by 2030. A single SP10 can pump the waste generated by 6000 people in one year, 1000 pumps can pump the waste generated by 6 million people, so over a 10 year period, the waste of 60 million people can be pumped by the SP10.

Innovation Description

The SP10 is a basic piston pump designed specifically for removing watery waste from septic tanks. A significant amount of research, engineering, and testing has gone into the SP10 in order to create a compelling and sustainable product that is affordable, rugged, easy to operate and maintain, hygienic, fast, permits lower service costs while increasing profitability, and that, as part of the business model, encourages the legal disposal of collected waste.

Competitive Advantage

There are currently two categories of manual sludge emptying, 1) manual emptying with shovels and buckets, and 2) the use of manual pumps. The SP10 is easier, faster, more profitable, more hygienic, more professional, and requires few laborers than either option.

Planned Goals and Milestones

After the most recent field testing period, two problems with the pump were identified, valve failures and scoring of the cylinder walls that result in leaks. The funding we seek will allow us to resolve those design issues, build prototypes, field test the solutions, and move on to the pre-production phase of the SP10.
Funding Goal100,000
New Implemented CountriesSenegal, Kenya, India
New FeatureCompletion of engineering

The Team Behind the Innovation

Beaumont has been developing various types of technology for nearly 30 years. Since 2011, our focus has been on fecal sludge management and water treatment.


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United States

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