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Social Impact

Microenterprise Risk-Based Scorecards

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Stage 3: Proof of Concept

The productivity growth gap between large and small businesses contributes to uneven economic growth around the developing world and helps explain why poverty is a trap for many who work. A root cause of weak productivity growth among small businesses - which include microenterprises - is the lack of capacity to assess the drivers of business results and try new approaches.

Registered in Haiti.

Focus Areas:

Economic Growth and Trade, Entrepreneurship and Social & Micro Finance

Economic Growth and Trade, Entrepreneurship and Social & Micro FinanceSEE LESS

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Innovation Description

To help build such capacity in a cost-effective and scalable way, this project provides risk-based scorecards (RBS) to micro enterprises through microfinance institutions (MFls).
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The development hypothesis underlying this proposal is that there are scalable ways to increase the productivity of large numbers of small businesses by helping them extract more actionable lessons from results. Currently, only RBS provide a simple way to interpret outcomes as a product of both effort and planning for the sake of adapting tactics to improve performance and revising the scorecards to increase their predictive power, and they require no extra data collection or special technology.

Planned Goals and Milestones

Social Impact's (SI) project will take place in Azerbaijan in collaboration with a local MFI, Finance for Development LLC (FinDev). Over the course of 14 months baseline data will be collected, FinDev loan officers will be trained in the use of RBS, FinDev loan officers will implement the RBS for one full year, and an impact evaluation will be conducted.


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