Updated Aug 22, 2018

Smoke free bar and restaurant intervention in Vietnam

Huyen Dao

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Stage 2: Research & Development

Secondhand smoke (SHS) exposure is a major cause of morbidity and mortality throughout the world. In Vietnam, where half of the men are smoking, SHS is a big issue, especially in the hospitality industry. Vietnamese law allows partial smoking bans or designated smoking areas in many public places, in particular, the hospitality industry (bars and restaurants). However, research has shown that this offers no real protection for patrons and hospitality staff.

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Health, Prevention & Vaccination and Social and Behavior Change

Health, Prevention & Vaccination and Social and Behavior ChangeSEE LESS

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Innovation Description

This novel project, based on implementation success in other countries, will create a total smoke free restaurant and bar intervention program, encouraging hospitality venues to adopt a total smoking ban, a first for Vietnam.
How does your innovation work?
By developing a smoke free policy in bars and restaurants, a monitoring mechanism and a training course, innovators hope to enhance knowledge and promote behavior changes, thus improving the health of the population. It will be a showcase to advocate for a total smoke free policy in Vietnam.


Mar 2014
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