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skooldesk is an intuitive e learning platform that helps kids improve their test grades at primary level, through auto grading, interactive content and an analytics engine that identifies strengths and weaknesses at subject and topic level.

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Mugarura Cavin

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Stage 4: Transition to Scale

We are in the process of scaling the innovation to other countries in the region and these include Kenya, Rwanda and Tanzania.

Registered in Uganda.

Focus Areas:

Entrepreneurship, Education, Basic Education and 5 MoreSEE ALL

Entrepreneurship, Education, Basic Education, Curriculum, Literacy, Testing & Assessment, Digital Development and TechnologySEE LESS

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Student grades are low for many students in Sub Saharan Africa. Teachers spend a lot of time marking paper based scripts. Drop out rates are high due to low grades. The existing school system models have existed for the last 100 years and are failing. Students dont have access to good learning materials, that foster learning.



An online e learning platform that can provide rich learning materials that stimulate a real learning environment while providing analytics to identify strengths and weaknesses at subject and topic level. Instant grading that provide students with instant feedback on correct and wrong answers.

Target Beneficiaries

Students at primary level
Institutions in need of pro metric testing

Mission and Vision

No child left behind irrespective of color , race or sexual orientation.

Innovation Description

Skooldesk is an innovative e learning platform with analytics for young learners with an aim of improving test scores. The platform provides quality test questions in the four main subjects taught at primary level i.e. English, Math, Science and Social Studies. Users of the platform are able to select tests from a plethora of questions by selecting a subject and class level. Upon completion of a quiz/test, the user receives instant feedback with correct and wrong answers.

Competitive Advantage

Most of the existing innovations are not interactive to create a real learning environment that can produce tangible results. They use basic technology that is not robust enough to solve the big problems associated with low grades due to low literacy levels and math skills. Our platform is multi lingual and can be easily scaled to other countries. We have a robust analytics engine that identifies strong and weak points of an individual learner at subject and topic level. Schools using a cloud account can administer their own tests. The platform is accessible to students with disabilities (Visual and hearing). We are constantly updating our database of content to jeep up with global trends and introducing new and exciting features every 3 month cycle.

Planned Goals and Milestones

Scaling to 3 countries in the East African Region and later to Sub Saharan African
Funding Goal200,000
New Implemented CountriesRwanda, Kenya, Tanzania
RecruitContent Editors, Animators, Graphic Designers
New Featuremachine learning


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