Updated Mar 18, 2019

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SETUCY L.L.C. is a Start-up founded on an innovative business model that aims to empower customers while promoting cultural diversity and multicultural education.

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Setondji Nahum

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Stage 3: Proof of Concept

SETUCY L.L.C. officially launched as of January 8th 2018.
Despite a modest initial customer response, our unique business model is currently being tested in order to validate our business concept.

Registered as a For-Profit in United States.

Focus Areas:

Entrepreneurship, Other, All Sectors and 5 MoreSEE ALL

Entrepreneurship, Other, All Sectors, Processing & Production, Medical Devices, Agriculture, Trade and TechnologySEE LESS

Implemented In:

China and United States

China and United StatesSEE LESS

Countries Implemented In


Responsible consumption and production, Global access to quality goods & services, Fair pricing, Market monopolies, International Trade & development issues (Market Research & Analysis, Needs definition, Import-Export issues)



SETUCY L.L.C. uses global customer's input as the continuous defining element for the scope of its business. Our model aims to eliminate the need for a key over-consumption and production facilitator: physical & online stores.
The customer inputs a defined need. SETUCY L.L.C. validates such input, proposes and outputs a tailored solution within which disadvantaged manufacturers & providers of quality goods & services and their products are highlighted.

Target Beneficiaries

-Global world populations
-General consumers
-Small businesses & Major corporations
-Population with humanitarian needs

Mission and Vision

It is the mission of SETUCY L.L.C. to connect people and cultures across the globe by bringing the best products of the world to our customers and target markets.

SETUCY is unique!
The entity caters to the need of its customers and target markets.
Our vision is not to be restricted to a specific product, service and/or market. We aim to assist our customer's growth by providing a path to the global market.

Innovation Description

-SETUCY Products = P(x). x defined by customers specific products/inputs ==> x is element of Domain D=[ 0 ∞].

-P(x) is defined as the function that transforms customers’ inputs/requests into SETUCY' s products.

-Domain D represents our observation of no restriction to a specific product.

SETUCY' Services is = S(x). S(x) defined by customers’ inputs/requests ==> S(x) = the limit as x goes to infinity of P(x)

S(x) represents SETUCY’ s continuously evolving services’ scope.

-SETUCY L.L.C. uses global customer's input as the continuous defining element for the scope of its business.
-The customer inputs a fully-defined need.
-SETUCY validates such defined need.
-SETUCY proposes and outputs a tailored solution/selection to such defined need.
-SETUCY handles all logistics required from need definition to product delivery and such includes contacting any manufacturer or relevant 3rd party.
-SETUCY verifies product/service and product/service quality
-SETUCY delivers products/service
-Customer validates receipt of delivered product/service

Competitive Advantage

-Very Low Operational Cost
-Unrestricted Business Model/Method: No restriction to a specific product or market. Caters to the needs of all customers and specific markets.
-Offers to assist customers with needs definition and market analysis.
-Intertwines various products across global markets.
-Established a global presence and infrastructure that is operational from company launch date.
-Multiple Languages: Customer Support available in English, French, Mandarin, Cantonese, and Spanish (coming soon).
-Based in the United States of America

Planned Goals and Milestones

-Infrastructure improvements
-Transition to Scale
-Business method/model Patent
Funding Goal36,000,000
New Implemented CountriesCanada, Benin, France
New FeatureCreate the SETUCY APP, Implement humanitarian objectives, TBCD


Mar 2019
Recognition ReceivedPENDING
Jan 2018
New Product or Service
Market Analysis
Jan 2018
New Product or Service
Customer Specific Product/Services
Jan 2018
New Country Implemented In
Jan 2018

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