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Global Scribes: Youth Uniting NationsⓇ

Youth-driven Tech for positive global impact. A progressive social network sparking innovation, creativity and meaningful connections – catalysts for the peace of tomorrow. Create. Connect. Collaborate. #YouthUnitingNations

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Stine Philipsen

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Stage 4: Transition to Scale

With no formal marketing we have touched the lives of over 2000 families in 45+ countries. We are growing every week. With the capital in place to build Scribers World™ & sustain us through scale we will continue to grow exponentially.

Registered as a Non-Profit in United States.

Focus Areas:

Education, Positive Youth Development, Peace and Resilience and 6 MoreSEE ALL

Education, Positive Youth Development, Peace and Resilience, Child Protection, Digital Inclusion & Connectivity, Youth Engagement and Contribution, Leadership Development, Social Development and Youth Friendly ServicesSEE LESS

Implemented In:

Algeria, Argentina, Australia and 35 MoreSEE ALL

Algeria, Argentina, Australia, Cameroon, Canada, China, Colombia, Egypt, Gambia, The, Georgia, Ghana, India, Israel, Japan, Korea, South, Lebanon, Malaysia, Mozambique, Peru, Sierra Leone, Uganda, United Kingdom, Denmark, Kuwait, Oman, Mali, Kenya, Jordan, Haiti, Qatar, United States, United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Suriname, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Philippines and MoroccoSEE LESS

Countries Implemented In
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Social isolation (youth suicides, drug use, violence, gangs, bullying & terrorism enlistment) is on the rise worldwide and presents one of the most alarming statistics among millennials today. With current trends in global re-entrenchment and social isolation reaching unprecedented levels, the future we are setting for our youth could be a cataclysmic failure vs the success we promise.



Our For Youth, By Youth platform is an online safe haven offering youth a virtual playground free from judgment & competition to share meaningful experiences, engage in creative activities, learn critical thinking & acquire 21st century skills, establish extraordinary friendships & make the world a more interconnected place for their future visions. Research clearly links the impact of meaningful relationships & interaction to decreased vulnerability.

Target Beneficiaries

All youth ages 8-25. Immediate market is anyone with Internet (incl deaf, hospitalized, displaced youth). Future market includes blind & remote youth via adapted technology, AI for accessibility & mobile lounges. Our goal is to reach youth in every country of the world, 5 million youth -peacebuilders- by 2021. Our positive impact will continue to escalate exponentially due to the power of ICT for social good, social media & the tools youth use every single day.

Mission and Vision

Vision: An empowered and engaged global youth population steering toward peace, unity and continuity with profound knowledge, understanding and respect for Humanity, Nature and our World in all its diversity.

Mission: Global Scribes is a For Youth, By Youth non-profit which fosters global unity by connecting youth to build cultural understanding and worldwide community through the beauty and power of the written word and creative expression.

Innovation Description

Technology is fundamental to the everyday life of youth & brings a myriad of positive & negative effects. Global concern for online safety & cyber-bullying highlights the detrimental consequences of youth becoming victims & perpetrators via cyber-attacks. It’s our collective responsibility to navigate them through this new territory, ensuring that tech is used to develop & empower youth; not leave them abandoned.

Our youth benefit from ICTs as a tool for empowering connectivity & shared understanding, building a global social network based on compassion & curiosity, discovering passions & talents, acquiring Leadership, Management & Critical Thinking Skills, breaking preconceived fears of other cultures, polishing their English & earning self-empowerment & self-efficacy. Merging life on and off the tech-grid by sharing their personal experiences taking place online and offline.

Through Scribers World™ (SW™), youth will have their own youth-centered platform to Create. Connect. Collaborate. 24/7 on their own time. They participate in engaging chats, video calls, teams & projects that excite them. They write creative texts, produce videos, animations & art work, discover shared interests, find common ground & build meaningful friendships worldwide in a no-conflict-zone free from politics, religion & discrimination.

Competitive Advantage

SW™ empowers youth worldwide to change the current global trajectory by utilizing their own platform to engage & create synergies between cultures. By enabling youth to springboard beyond rhetoric, be decision drivers & turn aspirations into realities, they can break with generational stereotypes which often breed fear, insecurities & violence.

SW™ is an all-inclusive social learning platform operating globally 24-7. Initiatives are planned to ensure accessibility, diversity & inclusion.

SW™ is a protected network with a mandatory screening process to enter our community. We will continue to ensure latest cyber security & child protection measures. No advertisements or commercial interests within SW™.

SW™ offers unique peer-to-peer support mechanisms, a mentorship program & has a 'zero tolerance policy' for bullying, hate speech or discrimination.

Planned Goals and Milestones

Our goal is to reach youth in every country of the world –5 million youth–peacebuilders– by 2020. Our positive impact will continue to escalate exponentially due to the power of ICT & the tools youth use every single day; We aim to build 4 revenue driving businesses (BCorps) which augment the power of what we are building & diversify under their own merit; and we will be able to reward the people who aid in our vision to foster a safer world for all.
Funding Goal8,600,000
New Implemented CountriesDominican Republic, Brazil, Greece, Cyprus, Costa Rica, Netherlands, Italy, France, Nicaragua, Iran, Pakistan
Recruit4 Executive, 4 Management, 14 HUB Staff, 5 Admin/Support, GS Global Interns, GS Club & Country Staff (Volunteers)
New FeatureAdapted to blind-deaf users; mobile lounges to reach remote users; artificial intelligence monitoring sensitive content (in line with cyber security & child protection)


Sep 2018
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Digital Pitch Contest 2018 Semi-Finalist
Aug 2018
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