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A very high impact, affordable and effective tool for hand washing in the absence of running water. Saving the lives of under 5s. Highly effective and very low cost per life saved.

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Stage 4: Transition to Scale

SaniTap is fully developed and field tested. Level 2 UN Global Marketplace approved and used in WASH programmes. Its Impact is very high. It now needs to become widely known and used in relief and development situations.

Focus Areas:

Health, Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) and Refugees

Health, Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) and RefugeesSEE LESS

Implemented In:

South Sudan

South SudanSEE LESS

Country Implemented In
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The majority of families in sub-Saharan Africa do not have access to basic hand-washing facilities with soap and water at home. A lack of access to basic hygiene facilities has resulted in the spread of transmissible diseases, most affecting children under the age of five. The most common illnesses these children suffer from are diarrheal disease and pneumonia, which are two of the biggest causes of child mortality globally and largely preventable through hand washing.



We have designed a product; the SaniTap, that allows families, even in the absence of running water to wash their hands with soap and water. The SaniTap is lightweight and transportable, and therefore is highly accessible as it does not require hardware. Other proposed solutions are simply not accessible to these communities as they are impractical and too expensive. The SaniTap is the most cost-effective solution to allow these families access to basic life-saving hygiene facilities.

Target Beneficiaries

The SaniTap is designed to be used by rural households who do not have access to running water. It is also ideally suited to be swiftly deployed to crisis situations, where access to running water is limited, such as refugee camps and regions with Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs). Children, particularly neonates and those under the age of five, are the greatest beneficiaries, as they are most susceptible to diseases which are largely preventable through hand washing.

Mission and Vision

Our Vision: Life-saving hand-washing facilities for every family and child by 2030 Our Mission: An affordable and effective means for every family that lacks running water to wash their hands We will partner with aid relief teams, NGO's and refugee crisis organisations to reach the most vulnerable, particularly refugees and internally displaced persons, in every crisis and conflict area across the world. We want to reach at least 1 million people every year, especially children.

Innovation Description

The SaniTap consists of a large plastic reservoir bag that holds up to 3 litres of water; sufficient for a family of 5 to wash their hands 3 times per day. It is made using UV resistant materials to ensure a long life even under tropical conditions. However, as with most plastic products, we recommend the product is displayed in a shady environment. The bag incorporates a sturdy handle, making it easy to transport, for example, for filling with water from a public water point. This feature also makes it easy to hang up and display, so it is accessible for all users. The bag is easily filled from the top through a wide closeable inlet.

The most important aspects of the SaniTap are the special soap net and the unique spout design. The soap net conveniently hangs next to the flow of water. This avoids the soap becoming soiled or lost, which is critical as handwashing without soap is not effective. The uniquespoutis designed so that it can be easily opened by young children. The patent-pending spout is closed by a simple upward tap of the back of the hand. This avoids 'second touch' contamination of now clean fingers. The spout also allows for a controlled flow rate, so valuable water is not wasted.

The front of the product allows for full colour client-customisable artwork (logos etc.). The back of the product is printed with user instructions to support effective handwashing behaviour.

Competitive Advantage

There is currently no other commercial, comparable hand washing solution on the market. Other similar hand washing solutions require local communities to use salvaged materials, which is unsuitable for refugee conflict scenarios, Internally Displaced People or remote communities. These solutions also do not provide a hygienic option for the soap, which is imperative for effective hand washing.

The SaniTap is readily accessible for families and does not require additional salvaged parts. Other hand washing solutions require additional infrastructure, such as pipes to provide running water. The SaniTap does not require access to running water, only a local water source is all that is required to effectively use the product. The SaniTap incorporates an educational element on the product, which increases its effectiveness by enabling users to wash their hands thoroughly. It is also lightweight and can be swiftly deployed to any region.

Planned Goals and Milestones

Our current objective is to establish partnerships, preferably WASH education programmes, which lack a product that can be effectively used for demonstration, and can be distributed to communities to implement WASH practices in their homes and communities. We are also working with UNICEF to UNHCR to establish a distribution in Ethiopia, Sudan and Eritrea. We are looking to expand our regional exposure in Sub-Saharan Africa and work with refugee organisations.
Funding Goal100,000
New Implemented CountriesAfghanistan, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Syria, Sudan
RecruitDedicated agent
New FeatureEngagement with all major emergency relief programes and IDP camps.


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Dec 2015
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Jan 2017
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South Sudan

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