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Sala Uno is a social enterprise which offers high-quality eye health services at affordable prices to ensure the most vulnerable sectors of the population have access to them; enforcing healthcare as a right and not a privilege.

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Ines Saldivar

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Stage 5: Scaling

Focus Areas:

Health, Inclusion and Entrepreneurship

Health, Inclusion and EntrepreneurshipSEE LESS



The WHO estimates that there are 1.3 billion people with some sort of visual impairment worldwide and 80% of these cases are constituted by preventable blindness. In spite of this many people in Mexico and in the developing world don’t have access to quality medical services due to lack of information, geographical distance and insufficient economic capacity, being the “bottom of the Pyramid” population particularly prone to be affected by preventable blindness.



In Mexico, as it is in many countries, there's a huge gap in the healthcare system where most of its population fall. Public institutions with subsidized prices are saturated making their services very limited in scope and quality; while private health institutions offering high-quality services, are too expensive for the majority. Salauno is located right in that gap, providing ophthalmic services within international quality standards that are still affordable for the low-income population.

Target Beneficiaries

In 7 years Salauno has recived more tahn 270,000 patients, preformed over 12,000 cataract surgeries, provided more than 7,000 pairs of glasses, and mantain their prices 60% below the average of the competition.

Innovation Description

The five-year (2016) objective of salaUno is to cover at least 25% of the annual cataract incidence.
How does your innovation work?
This constitutes important steps towards eradicating needless blindness in Mexico. Eye related diseases are the second cause of disability in Mexico. salaUno is working to expand through a hub and spoke network. There will be base hospitals that provide specialized care, as well as smaller clinics and operations that provide less intensive care to customers.


Jan 2012
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2012 Innovator Cohort
May 2011