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Safetipin is a technology platform and set of apps that collect data and provide solutions about safety and inclusion in public spaces in cities through crowdsourcing and big data.

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Kalpana Viswanath

Stage 4: Transition to Scale

The innovation has been tried and used in more than 10 cities in India and globally. It has led to some changes in safety and public spaces in cities. In Delhi and Bogota the city governments have expressed interest to continues and give resources.

Focus Areas:

Urbanization, Gender-based Violence and Citizen Participation

Urbanization, Gender-based Violence and Citizen ParticipationSEE LESS

Implemented In:

Colombia, Kenya, Philippines and 2 MoreSEE ALL

Colombia, Kenya, Philippines, Papua New Guinea and IndiaSEE LESS

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The innovation seeks to address the problem of safety and gender inclusion i public spaces in cities. Lack of safety prevents women and other vulnerable groups from accessing opportunities, from exercising choices and from having a right to the city. Understanding the nature and causes of risk and fear in cities can help in seeking solutions.



We have apps and technology platform to collect data about factors which make people feel unsafe in public spaces in cities. the tool of the safety audit is used which assesses both infrastructure as well as social usage of public spaces. We use this data on our crowd sourced app to help citizens make safer decisions. We also provide all the data to city governments and other stakeholders to help them make decisions about how to make public spaces in cities safer for women and all citizens.

Target Beneficiaries

Our main beneficiaries are women and girls in cities, to help them access public spaces without fear and thereby assert their right to study, to work , to leisure and all that the city has to offer. Our beneficiaries are also city governments who have access to all the data that is collected both through crowdsourcing as well as through collecting and analysing photographs of the city, especially after dark. We believe that this helps them decide priorities of how to address this major issue.

Mission and Vision

Our vision is to make public spaces safer and inclusive for women and girls to enable their rights, accessibility and mobility. We believe that fear, violence and exclusion prevent women from being equal citizens. We do this through providing data to individual citizens to help make safer decisions as well as to city authorities to help make cities safer and more inclusive.

Innovation Description

There are two apps. MY Safetipin is a free app available to users all over the world. It can be used for crowdsourcing data about factors affecting safety as well as the feeling of safety. It is available in English,, Spanish and Hindi and has over 80,000 downloads. The second app is Safetipin Nite. This is a technology used to capture pictures of the city. The app is attached to the windscreen of a car as it drives around the streets. These pictures are uploaded to a server and made available to our team of coders who analyse the pictures on 45 parameters and code them in the system. This data is all fed back into the app and made available to users who can access it. Further the data is also further analysed in order to produce GIS layers of maps as well as reports with recommendations for improvement. These are shared with diverse stakeholders including municipal bodies, police, urban planners, transport planners, Ngo's and others. Safetipin aims to improve safety and inclusion in public spaces. Thus after any changes are made, data can collected in order to measure the level of change. It is therefore a useful tool that can also be for evaluation of projects to improve public spaces

Competitive Advantage

The safety audit is a tool that has been used in many cities as a pen and paper tool that collects qualitative data. Safetipin has converted this into an app that makes the data quantitative as well crowd sourced. Making it into an app has changed the scale at which data can be collected as well as shared and consumed by the public. There are online platforms such as Harassmap that collect stories and incidents of harassment that women face. The similarity is that both are collecting data related to feeling of safety. The difference is that firstly, Safetipin data is geo-located and thus we can give exact coordinates and secondly, we measure parameters with the aim of improvement. There are also a set of women’s safety apps that are emergency apps for women to use when they are in situations of danger. Safetipin is unique as a tool which collects quantifiable data about safety in cities .

Planned Goals and Milestones

We have collected data for over 200000 latitude -longitude points in cities around the world. We would like to expand this to more cities. We are working on how machine learning can enhance our data analyses capability as well as help us expand out data collection at a global level. We believe the Safety score that can be useful for city governments as well as private players such as travel portals, property portals etc to give users an ability to assess the safety of areas.
Funding Goal150,000
RecruitTechnology and machine learning expert, urban planner
New FeatureAdvanced features and data using machine learning


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