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SABCO Solutions

Providing off- grid communities with life changing access to affordable and innovative renewable energy solutions 


Fareed Shahid

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Stage 4: Transition to Scale

After successful pilot of proposed model with funding from D-Prize (in pilot area), replicate the models to other areas for scale. The business model involves community mobilization, village level enterprise(s), financing organizations.

Registered as a For-Profit in Pakistan.

Focus Areas:

Distributed Generation Systems and Energy Efficiency

Distributed Generation Systems and Energy EfficiencySEE LESS

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PakistanSEE LESS

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More than 11 million households (which accounts to 40% of the total population) is off-grid, making Pakistan one of the major off-grid geographies in the world. Moreover, the people in the off-grid have income levels <USD 2.00/day, and a considerable portion of the income goes towards addressing the basic energy requirements. We intend to provide cost effective solutions to the communities that enable access to energy.



We seek to address the issue by providing cost effective & high quality solar portable lighting solutions to the communities through different channels which include last mile distribution partners, like local community mobilizers, Village Level Enterprises and other potential channels. The initial phase is to develop footprint in a geography followed by partnerships development with financing organizations. After Sales Service mechanism is also being set in place.

Target Beneficiaries

a) Local off-grid communities - enabling them to improve living conditions by creating new freedoms to work.
b) Small business owners - enabling them to work relatively longer in dark hours
c) Children - enabling them to study longer hours, get better grades and education
d) Local Enterprises - help improve income levels by sales of quality solar products.

Mission and Vision

SABCO envisions a future for the communities we serve to be empowered with freedom and improved quality of life that results from access to reliable, affordable, clean solar energy  
To serve the consumers at last mile and to making affordable clean energy available and accessible, and to impact 1 million lives by 2021.

Innovation Description

We offer a range of off-grid solar lighting solutions, that also offer relatively higher order features like cell phones charging enabling the off-grid communities with quality products that are not only cost-effective but also more sustainable compared to conventional alternatives. All the solutions offer highly feasible opportunities to the targeted beneficiaries, mainly on three counts:

1. Portability:The portability feature allows the customers to take the system/ product to any location and use it in desired way.

2. Ease of use: The products have a ‘Plug ‘n Play’ feature makes them easy to operate. This offers the customers the convenience to assemble the products for use, without needing any specialized installation. The major components are already integrated in the control units. The lighting solutions being offered are sufficient to address to the basic lighting requirements of a typical village household along with mobile-charging feature.

3. Reliability: The products are designed to be robust and sturdy, capable enough to withstand the rough usage and extreme weather conditions of remote geographies. The products are further designed to be maintenance free. All products are backed by a free replacement warranty. The warranty covers manufacturing defects and/or performance issues.

Competitive Advantage

The product line that we offer is qualitatively superior than the products generally available in the market. The products are designed to withstand the harsh climatic conditions of field yet offer the same level of performance.

After Sales Service & Warranty:
We provide complete after sales support to our customers as well as consumers, this is further backed by warranty of 1 year which covers manufacturing defects or performance issues. The warranty execution process is extremely simple for the consumers as well as the customers. The products have an error rate of <1%/.

Planned Goals and Milestones

Developing a pipeline for potential organizations for setting up local enterprises at grass root level, develop footprint further in the geographies and to create not only a "one stop shop" for the consumers but also have essential elements like inclusion of local communities for employment opportunities.
Funding Goal100,000
New Implemented CountriesAfghanistan, Yemen
New FeatureAfter setting footprint of basic lighting products, develop pipeline for the solar solutions that can address to greater energy needs.


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