Updated Sep 05, 2019

rePurpose Global

rePurpose helps consumers & businesses go #PlasticNeutral by measuring, reducing & offsetting their plastic footprint, thus empowering waste pickers.


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Stage 4: Transition to Scale


At rePurpose, we are solving two distinct pain points. First, there is a growing momentum of consumers and brands across the world who are looking for easy and efficient opportunities to take responsibility for their consumption and fight environmental degradation. Second, we are also working with thousands of waste scavengers in India who have been subject to generations of abject poverty and are in severe need of formal systemic solutions to provide them with upward socioeconomic mobility.

Innovation Description

Too much of plastic is too low-value to be collected, waste workers across Asia live in poverty, and individuals are not changing the way we waste. In response, rePurpose is a global community of consumers & businesses going #PlasticNeutral. Our web platform enables individuals and brands worldwide to go #PlasticNeutral in three steps: 1) measure your consumption through our proprietary 3-min interactive tool 2) offset your footprint by contributing $3-5/month to a vetted environmental organization in India who will ethically recycle an equivalent amount of low-value plastic that would have otherwise been landfilled, burned, or flushed into the oceans 3) join a community of reBalancers leading a thoughtful lifestyle through personalized ConsciousLiving tips & tricks, curated just for you to help you reduce your impact on our planet. We partner with businesses and brands to create #PlasticNeutral workplaces and experiences, embedded into the everyday life of the conscious consumer, such as our EverydayNeutral program wherein any e-commerce brand offering products containing/packaged-in plastic can add a simple tick-box at the point of checkout for customers to add < $0.5 and neutralize the unique plastic footprint of their purchase that day. Using these mobilized financial resources, we enable our waste partners to use technology to transparently track waste-collection, processing, and recovery to bridge the tech-gap facing India's informal sector and ensure ethicality.

Competitive Advantage

In the plastic offset vertical of our venture (#PlasticNeutral businesses, EverydayNeutral), we are amongst the first three organizations in the world, with each in the same stage of legitimizing the concept of PlasticNeutrality. The problem here isn’t necessarily competition, but educating corporations about the product. Just like carbon offset, plastic offset will become regionalized and commoditized in 5 years, with a couple of big players globally and many small, regional providers. Because this product hinges on reputation, it’s great that we are one of three first movers in the market globally - it sets us up to be one of those big players in 5 years. However, we firmly differentiate ourselves by not limiting ourselves to be mere offset-providers and instead adopt an individual-level focus to serve as a guide to #ConsciousLiving to consumers and business alike. We are the only ‘personalized PlasticNeutral provider’ in the world, as we define Neutrality as a three-step process: measure, reduce, and THEN offset. Our eventual long-term goal is to become the world’s first MaterialNeutrality platform, expanding beyond plastic to ALL material streams (paper, food, metal etc), which have environmental, economic, and social value. This allows us to differentiate our offering from current competitors, through various types of material offsets - for example, empowering farmers in drought-stricken countries to go FoodNeutral, or planting paper-producing trees to go PaperNeutral.