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Refactored.ai: developing today's workforce for tomorrow's workplace

Refactored.ai's on-demand, reskilling platform provides a scalable solution to keep workforce skills current in the midst of rapid technological advancement and ensures that everyone has the opportunity to succeed in the future of work.


Abigail Jones

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Stage 4: Transition to Scale

Our evidence-based learning has proven that our training platform enables workers of all ages and skill levels to earn a high-demand role - leading to career advancement and wage increases - and has been recognized as a work of the future solution.

Focus Areas:

Workforce Development, Soft or Life Skills, Data/Analytics and 2 MoreSEE ALL

Workforce Development, Soft or Life Skills, Data/Analytics, AI and InclusionSEE LESS

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United States and India

United States and IndiaSEE LESS

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The jobs of today will not be the jobs of tomorrow. Advanced technologies are rapidly changing the nature of work and redefining the roles and skills needed from the future workforce. Roughly 85% of the jobs that will exist in 2030 haven’t been invented yet, and over 800 million global workers will lose their jobs as a result of automation and AI (MGI). Yet, there has not been one solution to mitigate the global skills gap challenge and impending world-wide social catastrophe.



Refactored.ai’s on-demand, reskilling platform develops both key data skills and transferable human/soft skills critical to success in the future of work. Our platform empowers life-long learners who can translate key skills from one industry/role to another and continually adapt to the ever-changing market needs. Our scalable solution will bridge the existing skill and opportunity gap and build robust, qualified talent pipelines – transforming AI disruption into opportunity for all.

Target Beneficiaries

Refactored.ai was designed to empower underrepresented minorities; those with limited career pathways and opportunities for economic advancement. We built the platform from the ground up with this demographic in mind and will continue to serve the populations experiencing inequality. We will also bridge the skill gap for mid-career, middle-age workers, emerging students without market relevant skills, and workers without degrees - those that are at highest risk for displacement.

Mission and Vision

Our mission is to reduce inequality and promote career advancement for all by providing access to skill development and career pathway opportunities critical to success in the future of work. We are committed to building an inclusive community of data-thinkers that have the tools needed to adapt to the ever-changing market needs and the opportunity to succeed in a technology-powered world.

Innovation Description

Refactored.ai reduces barriers for low-wage, unskilled, and uneducated workers to receive training, understand advancement opportunities and be considered for higher-level jobs. We provide users with a complete reskilling platform to obtain the future of work skills from start to finish.Through a learn-by-doing approach, soft skills development, virtual apprenticeships, and mentor support, learners are able to immediately grasp and apply critical in-demand skills throughout all stages of their career. Once users demonstrate proficiency in these skills, we serve as a talent pipeline and provide them access to enterprises hiring for these high-demand, competitive wage jobs (and continue to provide mentorship throughout the first year of employment).

Competitive Advantage

Unlike most of our competitors who designed their systems for the top learners (require a strong educational background and/or foundational knowledge of data and technology), Refactored.ai was designed to meet the needs of the majority (those who have limited access to opportunity, education, and career pathways). There are no pre-screenings of users and built an inclusive ecosystem to ensure that the population directly being impacted by automation will have the skills to transition into a new, sustainable career. Refactored.ai’s mentorship model provides the pillars of support needed to grasp key data skills and develop the transferable human skills (confidence, collaboration, grit, critical-thinking, life-long learning) critical to success in the future of work. Our internal DS team creates the content and continuously updates to ensure relevancy and creates technological advancement features \to increase scale and accessibility (e.g. on-demand content and no-install skill cloud).

Planned Goals and Milestones

We intend to be the catalyst that fosters employer-led movements to expand economic opportunity and career advancement opportunities for workers. Refactored.ai translates across learning providers, employers and state boundaries. Refactored.ai will serve as the redesign needed to continuously adapt with the future providing a more direct, promising, and fulfilling pathway between education, employment and career advancement.
Funding Goal1,000,000,000
Recruit2 Advisers, 10 Mentors, 1 Product Manager, 1 Data scientist, 4 Full stack AI/ML Engineers, 1 Technology Business Analyst, 1 Growth Hacker, 2 Sales Managers, 1 Product Manager
New Featureincrease face point detection, increased automation of task grading to increase meaningful interaction with students, scaling capabilities through AI solutions


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