Updated Apr 19, 2018

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Stage 3: Proof of Concept

Recylepro's web prototype is already working in the lab and we conducted a small pilot from October 2017 to January 2018 which yielded over 3000kg of recyclable material valued at $420 with 70persons.

Registered as a For-Profit in Nigeria.

Focus Areas:

Sanitation, Waste Management, Economic Empowerment and 1 MoreSEE ALL

Sanitation, Waste Management, Economic Empowerment and EnvironmentSEE LESS

Funds Raised to Date


Awka,the pilot community with a population of 250,900 generates about 125,450kg of waste.Only 40% is carted away by the municipal waste board.The working class of 89,321,do not have time to take their trash away.They pay scavengers&waste busters who empty the trash in streets,ocean waterways or openly burnt.This leads to heavy metal contamination in air,agric soils,streams&groundwater.Plastics remains the culprit that continues to pollute fresh water causing high cost of fresh drinking water



Recyclepro connects busy people to affordable and reliable waste collectors who disposes their trash in a timely and responsible manner. Recyclepro affords low income earners the opportunity to capture value from their reusable waste through value adding incentives which has the capacity to tackle poverty and increase their economic outcomes. Recyclepro provides recycling firms with well segregated recyclables which increases recycling efficiency and reduces cost of recycling.

Target Beneficiaries

The most affected are users who are busy people&recycling companies and beneficiaries who are unemployed youths, low income earners, underserved women&girls who have very scarce resources. With high cost of water,cost of food is also high. The affected persons have continually said that they cant afford proven poverty interventions since they can barely eat and buy drinking water so cannot seem to get out of the vicious cycle of poverty to improve their lives nor get ahead in life.

Mission and Vision

To re-design Africa’s waste management to suit its growing needs through the provision of affordable collection, promotion of source reduction, waste to energy generation and other recycling activities to reduce hazardous waste disposal and environmental pollution & degradation. Recyclepro connects busy people to affordable and reliable waste collectors who disposes their trash in a timely and responsible manner to reduce environmental pollution..

Innovation Description

Recyclepro is a web platform & mobile USSD that offer peer-to-peer subscription-based waste collection services to busy people using electric/solar cargo tricycles and empowering low income earners to recycle using value adding incentives. An e-wallet & marketplace is synced on the platform so incentives that are proven poverty interventions like that solar lamps, off-grid solar electricity kit, clean cook stoves, internet bandwidth, medical bills, school fees, school equipment & cash for clean water & food can be redeemed directly.

Users subscribe monthly or annually at $1/trip for collection services while recyclers & waste pickers deliver their well sorted recyclables to designated centers or hand them to peer collectors who upload their points to the platform. Virtual community of recyclers on the platform will engage in community service weekly such as environmental hygiene/sanitation awareness &recycling advocacy programs in their local communities in exchange for extra incentive points. Collectors are youths between ages 16&24 will be trained on proper waste disposal practices. Sorting is carried out by underserved& unemployed women& girls in the community.

Competitive Advantage

Recyclepro is offering a waste collection service that is fast, convenient & reliable as well giving low-income earners the opportunity to capture value from waste so as to improve their life conditions. Our business model is inclusive in nature empowering unemployed youths& underserved women though employment so they can have access to education& provide their families with the most basic needs.

Planned Goals and Milestones

We are working to launch our mobile USSD code
Funding Goal150,000
New Implemented CountriesTanzania
Recruit2 Management, 2 Board, 4 Advisers, 5 Volunteers
New FeatureCreate realtime report cam for illegal waste disposal on platform


Mar 2018
Recognition ReceivedPENDING
2018 Mandela Washington fellowship

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