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Random Domain Intercept Technology (Rapid Cycle Research Internet Survey Sampling)

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Stage 6: Sustainable Scale

RDIT is a fully developed and patented technology, currently in use by global non-governmental and multilateral organizations in their global development work. We are currently looking to expand our network and develop further strategic partnerships. We are eager to collaborate and share learnings with other groups working towards the Sustainable Development Goals.
To date, over 100 million citizens have been surveyed for RIWI's partnersincluding the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Freedom House,World Bank, UN World Food Programme, Omidyar Network, MasterCard Foundation, Inter-American Development Bank, and others seeking better opinion data and more effective ways for engaging citizens. ​ Here are a few live applications of our data results: Aswat project: 30,000 surveys across the Middle East on opinions related to the role of women and girls, plus exposing 450,000 people to the educational website: https://aswat.me/estetla3/ https://aswat.me/en/interactive/ Open Government with the World Bank (62 countries, 65,000 respondents): www.openinggovernment.com Food security in Haiti with the World Food Programme: http://documents.wfp.org/stellent/groups/public/documents/ena/wfp284879.pdf You can read more about our past work with global NGO's here: https://riwi.com/ngo/ You can also read selected case studies here: https://riwi.com/case-studies/
RIWI has conducted a21-month long all-country studyin a major peer-reviewed journal and compared answer options over time on social values that would not be expected to change significantly year over year or month over month. The data have remained highly stable and predictable across time, within regions. In many areas of international data science, client work and scholarly work, we seek to prove this out further and further. We are happy to furnish clients with other third-party reviews. We are unaware of any other technology in data collection that has been more subject to peer-review and third-party review than ours since our commercialization in 2012. "RIWI has racked up quite a few predictive bullseyes lately, pinpointing the tipping point in Egypt’s popular uprising against dictator Hosni Mubarak in 2011 and correctly forecasting Donald Trump’s electoral college win despite Hillary Clinton’s popular-vote lead in the U.S. presidential elections. RIWI also called the margin of defeat in Italy’s constitutional referendum within a single percentage point last December." - National Post, Feb 28th, 2017, "Terry Glavin: Sorry, Canada, when it comes to political leadership it turns out you’re not uniquelyfeminist". Link here. You can explore our FAQ here, which further explains the quality of our data collection process: https://riwi.com/riwi-faq/

Registered in Canada.

Focus Areas:

Democracy, Human Rights, and Governance, Rule of Law and Human Rights, Gender and 11 MoreSEE ALL

Democracy, Human Rights, and Governance, Rule of Law and Human Rights, Gender, Gender Equity, Health, Prevention & Vaccination, Housing and Infrastructure, Humanitarian Assistance, Data Collection/Needs Assessments, Youth, Social and Behavior Change, Data/Analytics, Digital Inclusion & Connectivity and TechnologySEE LESS

Innovation Description

RIWI’s patented Random Domain Intercept Technology (RDIT) works by inviting randomized internet users, in any and every geo-targeted area in the world, to safely and anonymously participate in a language appropriate survey.It has proven to beparticularlyeffective in gathering citizen opinion on sensitive topics and with populations otherwise underrepresented or excluded by traditional survey approaches.
How does your innovation work?
  1. While on the internet, users accidentally land on a website controled by RIWI - through broken links or manual errors when typing an address.
  2. RIWI Engine providesRDIT special survey sample, cleans for bots and blends for randomization.
  3. Recognizes device type and Operating System and ensures all-device data quality
  4. Geo-locates and routes user to proper survey(s) as guided by upfront client specifications
  5. Respondent completes survey
  6. Geo-located data are generated, encrypted, and securely delivered to client on the RIWI Data Dashboard, which allows clients to tabulate and analyse the data
You can read further about how our technology works here:https://riwi.com/how-rdit-works/

Competitive Advantage

RIWI samples random, non-incented, individuals across the global internet population. We have access to people who do not sit on panels, in potentially hard to reach areas of the world. This means RIWI is able tosample the opinions of people who are otherwise unheard from in traditional research methods. Further, our surveys provide an annonymous and safe platform for users to answer more fully and honestly than within other research methods. RIWI surveys are thus able to provide valuable insight into public perceptions of difficult issues in very fragile areas of the world. We can perform project work to meet specific goals, as well as provide ongoing data in long term feedback loops. You can read more details about why our technology is unique here:https://riwi.com/why-we-are-unique/


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