Updated Mar 20, 2018

R&D Innovative Solution

A one stop solution of tools, training and capital that addresses the challenges faced by smallholder farmers.


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Stage 3: Proof of Concept

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Agriculture and Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET)

Agriculture and Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET)SEE LESS

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Innovation Description

R&D Innovative Solution delivers a range of agricultural services for smallholder farmers in Nepal.Through their Agricultural Service Centre they provide rural farmers with market access: tool and equipment rental: training on modern farming practices: and access to financing and loans. They also offer buyback of farmers?? produce at a guaranteed fair price.Their Agri Nepal software application connects smallholder farmers with sustainable agricultural products. They are currently expanding the functionality of this application to specifically support women-led micro-entrepreneurs.R&D Innovative Solution also produces: Krishak Ra Prabidhi: the largest selling agricultural magazine in Nepal. It covers a wide range of information regarding government policies: farming techniques: market trends: and the latest agricultural technologies.


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