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Essential Medicines for the bottom billion


Wole Odetayo

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Stage 4: Transition to Scale

Our solution has been tested & tried using our low-touch/low-margin model & has proven to be successful & profitable in the last 2 years. We are currently ready to improve & expand our numbers to reach more stores within Nigeria & sub-Saharan Africa.

Focus Areas:

Health Systems, Supply Chains, Economic Empowerment and 1 MoreSEE ALL

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Access to Affordable & High-Quality Vital Medicines by Poor & Low-Income Communities. This group of people mostly pay out of their pocket to cover medical bills & are usually one or two health crises away from chronic poverty. Access to medicine is basic to survival, hence the poor end-consumer is left with no choice but to pay the "Poverty Premium" for the inefficiencies either as cost of accessing genuine medicines or as cost of treating complications from using fake or substandard medicines.



Pronov applies digital technology to inventory management by providing a smart, cloud-based solution that brings management efficiency to pharmacies & medicine stores. With our innovation, these bottom of the pyramid stores is better enabled to serve their customers efficiently. Our goal is to simplify access to essential medicines for the population at the bottom of the pyramid in developing countries.

Target Beneficiaries

i. Bottom of Pyramid retail pharmacy stores (who use Pronov for Inventory Management and/or sell to their walk-in customers who order for drugs using Pronov). ii. Bottom of pyramid end users (the bottom billion) who lack access to critical life saving drugs.

Innovation Description

Pronov is a S-A-A-S platform that works offline & online with mobile and desktop versions to improves the profitability of dispensaries/pharmacies. Pronov makes last-mile distribution efficient & affordable for people living in low-income communities. By enabling product value chains through end to end business intelligence & data-driven processes that improve consumers’ access to goods & services Pronov improves health & economic outcomes of the bottom of the pyramid in West Africa using its technology to do the following; 1. Inventory Management for Bottom of Pyramid Retail Pharmacy Stores - 2. Supply Chain Management 3. Financial Inclusion/digital payment

Competitive Advantage

Our product, Pronov differs from our competitors in the following areas: a. Value Added Services: We offer additional services such as Cooperatives (peer-peer lending), micro health insurance plans for end-customers, access to credit, business intelligence among others to medicine stores. b. Target Market: We target bottom of the pyramid medicine stores which serves about 70% of the population and are in dire need of access to basic and critical life saving medicines. c. High Quality Data Points: We provide qualitative and quantitative analytics and business intelligence from data insights generated from our backend. These helps merchants make informed decisions and improve profitability of their drugstores.


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