Updated Feb 06, 2020

Promoting Family Integrated Early Child Development (During 1000 Days) in Urban Slums (Fine Child 3-3-1000)

Developing children from Northern Uganda who are from vulnerable family background in education. Building peaceful community and God fearing society through education and cultural development. Promoting hygiene in the community.

Odoch Alfred

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Maternal Newborn and Child Health

Maternal Newborn and Child HealthSEE LESS

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This project targets children in low-income population living in slums, deprived environment and stressful environment and exposed to a number of risk factors. Exposure to various risk factors create an unfavorable context for the development and mental health of children and their mothers. The proof of concept project tests a novel, intensive home visitation program by community health functionary for the pregnant women, infants and children under-two years living in poor urban areas. The program attempts integration with the existing pregnancy and child health and nutrition program using tailored socio-culturally appropriate communication package. The project further innovates by focusing on the biological underpinnings of the positive environmental stimuli promoted by the intervention by measuring repeatedly neurophysiological indicators of motor, neurocognitive, language and adaptive behaviours, which has not been done previously in the field.


Jun 2018
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