Updated May 24, 2019

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Premor Ltd; manufacturing efficacious herbal products from herbs known to Locals

Manufacturing of herbal products such as "herb-teas(also spice for meals)" from age-old plants known to locals, through research, lab tests and innovation; to curb improper and abuse of untested herbs used for remedies(self medication) at most homes.

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Stage 4: Transition to Scale

Having piloted the project for 12 months now and the impact achieved, it will be wise to put in structures to scale and sustain the project. Women cultivators / collectors dominate this sector and now they have market access through Premor

Registered as a For-Profit in Ghana.

Focus Areas:

Agriculture, Economic Empowerment and Health Systems

Agriculture, Economic Empowerment and Health SystemsSEE LESS

Funds Raised to Date


The increasing number of the use of untested herbs for remedies; all based on passed on tales of their efficacy. This has caused more harm than good. There are education going on advising people not to use them but it is not going down well with the people. Most of the complicated cases arouse out of misuse and therefore the hospitals are able to do little to salvage such situations.



The development of herbal products out of what is being used by the locals and therefore educating them on the appropriate use give much confident to be able to tackle diseases. The confidence built in these herbs have already given them the assurance that with proper lab tests and innovation acceptance becomes easy.

Target Beneficiaries

Surprisingly, aside the middle aged people, people with high education or higher income who have embraced the concept, other groups have also accepted as many are willing to go any length to ensure they recover from any sickness. And to stay healthy. Our aim is to influence the early adults to change long traditions of herb usage that does not help us in our communities.

Mission and Vision

A strong voice in the conversation of providing standardization, quantifition and quality of herb usage in the world. Our mission is to bring sanity in our communities about the use of herbal products; through our research, lab tests, innovation and manufacturing.

Innovation Description

Tea for instance has been around for long but is a high time we provide alternative usages for customers. Our tea can be used as spice for any meal and also serving as a food supplement. Research shows that many Africans are shunning away from orthodox or synthetic drugs to herbs and the earlier we develop products out of what is familiar with them, the better our societies. Premor's innovation is simple; get to communities, find out the herbs used for various remedies and develop products out of it for the locals. This prevents abuse, speculations of perceived health benefits and complications for hospital leading to increase mortality rate. Acceptance of these products are easy because they are familiar with them. This becomes a win win case and gradually arrive at standardization, quantifition and quality of herb usage.

Competitive Advantage

Premor manufactures products based on 1. The rampant use of most herbs for remedies and therefore are accepted because we give corrections in "hear-say" cures of them.

Planned Goals and Milestones

Premor Limited looks forward to owning it's own facility to continue what has been started. The start up company outsources it's lab tests to state owned research labs that charge so much for their services. With our own facility, the large number of unemployed students graduating from the study of Herbal Medicine can now put to practice what has been learnt over the years. We hope to replicate this model across communities in the West African sub regions in the next 3 years.
Funding Goal500,000
New Implemented CountriesNigeria, Liberia
Recruit3 Advisory board members, 3 more field experts as part of management,
New FeatureCreate a community of participating communities through a "Facebook-like" platform purposely for sharing, discussing herbs and health related issues. This will became a data base for monitoring plant usage and drive innovation for the health sector. The increasing number of mobile usage(both literate and semi-literate cutting across all ages) must be capitalized on in Africa to solve our problems.


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