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A network of franchised solar energy shops, delivering last-mile power solutions to unserved consumers in Madagascar


Rik Stamhuis

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Stage 4: Transition to Scale

Mvp succesfully tested and second generation developed which is ready to be scaled.

Focus Areas:

Solar, Microeconomics and Energy Service, Metering & Payment Systems

Solar, Microeconomics and Energy Service, Metering & Payment SystemsSEE LESS

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MadagascarSEE LESS

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The daily problem for people earning less than 2$ a day is that they are stuck with dirty kerosenelanterns and/or candles that cause fires and affect peoples health while polluting their environment. They don´t have another option because better solutions are out of their financial means with a salary of usually less than 2$ a day and payment schemes are not available because of their unreliable sources of income.



For people with little purchase power and no access to electricity, Jiro-Ve provides renewable energy, which is accessible and affordable. Accessible via our network of carefully selected and trained franchisees and affordable because our customers pay as little as 0.10$ for our service. In our model everyone benefits with our members saving money while improving their health and our franchisees earning a good stable income.

Target Beneficiaries

The daily problem for people earning less than 2$ a day is that they are stuck with dirty kerosenelanterns and/or candles that cause fires and affect peoples health while polluting their environment. Rural families earning between $1 - $2 per day 8.34 million people in Madagascar worth $200M per year Rural families earning between $2 - $10 per day 1.5 million people in Madagascar worth $304 mil¬lion per year

Mission and Vision

There is a very urgent need to do something about climate change. We want to serve the remaining 10% of the population on less than a dollar a day and give them access and allow them to grow on the clean renewable energy ladder.

Innovation Description

Our model works as following: As Jiro-Ve we have developed a solar powered power-bank charging station. This charger can charge up to 60 powerbanks at the same time and is solar powered. It is connected with a phone that can scan the powerbanks and once it detects a powerbank, open a slot on the powerbank charger. We sell the powerbanks with a little charging cable to charge phones and a little light for only 3$ which is the cost-price to keep it as affordable as possible. Once the customer owns the powerbank they can get it recharged for as little as 0,10$ per charge. 10% of this is the commission for the shopowner who operates the smart charger that recharges the powerbank. But more importantly 15% goes back to the customers which will help them to save up for more powerful energy solutions. This way we ensure that through one central solar system a whole village can be served and sets people on a path to grow towards more powerful energy solutions.

Competitive Advantage

Candles: our light is cheaper than a candle and 5x as birght. Kerosene: This is unfortunately still our main competitor and most kerosene users spend less than 0.06$ per day with our service however we will be able to beat this price. Other soalarproviders: There are multiple parties active in Madagascar and Africa as a whole that offer solar pico systems or solar home systems however our clientele of people earning less than 1$ a day cannot afford the upfront cost adn the Pay as you go fees are often still too high. Local Market: Often low quality which causes a short lifespan. Our producst are of much great quality and about the same price because we sell our products at costprice. We have over 7 years of experience with serving the exact market we are targeting with our new product. This new product will have a competitive advantage over everything currently available in the market because it will be cheaper and more powerful.

Planned Goals and Milestones

Short term goals Our goals for the next 6 months are to conduct a second pilot which contains 10 chargers and 1000 powerbanks. . From 6 to 18 months we want to start the implementation of the powerbank operations and scale this solution to the rest of Madagascar. Long-term vision for Solution: From 18 months on we want to scale our solution beyond Madagascar and either offer it as a franchise or implement it alongside strategic partners in other countries.
Funding Goal750,000
New Implemented CountriesComoros, Malawi, Mozambique, Cote d'Ivoire, South Sudan
Recruit1 managment, 3 board, 200+ franchisees
New Featureintegration with pay as you go products and minigrids. Collaboration with corporations buy one give one schemes.

The Team Behind the Innovation

Rik Stamhuis – Co-founder & Managing director Ir. International Management and over 10 years of working experience in developing countries. He developed Jiro-Ve just with a few lights in a warehouse to a profitable business that serves 11.000+ customers en employs 100+ people. Adriaan Mol – Co-founder o 24 years’ experience in technical and field leadership positions with international businesses and NGOs in Africa and Asia; o Winner of the Global Social Benefit Incubator 2006.


Mar 2019
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TITLE4000 solarlights and 40 solarsystems
Climate Change and Resilience
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