Updated Jul 10, 2018

Playing For Change Foundation

Mother's Society: Using the power of music & the arts to educate and protect youth and their communities. PFCF aims to use the power of creative expression to educate and empower women, youth and communities facing violence and instability.


Thea Karki

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Stage 2: Research & Development

Focus Areas:

Extracurricular or Out-of School Activities and Cognitive Development

Extracurricular or Out-of School Activities and Cognitive DevelopmentSEE LESS

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The youth in Mexico have been severely impacted by the growth of drugs, gangs and violence infiltrating their neighborhoods and communities. Families exist in crisis and survival mode as their children are joining gangs or cartels and girls are being lured into sex trafficking. The instability and risks that youth, particularly girls, face in this type of environment are barriers to their education and their ability to feel safe and protected.



Our innovation builds upon our Mothers Society program in Nepal by developing a replicable model teaching mothers, young women, teachers, and community leaders how to use the power of music and arts to introduce issues of human trafficking, gender equality, and the rights of women and children with a focus on social justice. Through the creative use of song, dance and dramatic reenactments, as well as training and engaging young people to be agents of change in their communities, we can build confidence in these children and make sure that they have a safe space to learn and express themselves. These art forms allow for each participant to have an individual experience to process their own traumas and to build and share as an ensemble. When performances are shared and engage the audience, it unites the community in celebrating hope for their future, even in the darkest times. We also aim to establish secure spaces for community building, creating tools and best practices the ??Mothers Society?? groups can use to help safeguard agagainst acts of aggression, and provide a network of support should something occur that needs to be reported.

Target Beneficiaries

Initially women and children in Tijuana, Mexico. Once implemented and tested in Tijuana, we will expand the program to serve women and youth in communities throughout Baja California and Sinaloa, Mexico. In addition, we will extend satellite expansion opportunities to rural areas of Nepal, where PFCF operates the original Mother_s Society initiative. The satellite project(s) will connect the women and girls from these areas to those in Mexico to provide a global connection of support. The age of children will range from as young as 6 or 7 to young adults and women who are mothers, caregivers and/or community leaders. The participants will gain emotional skills, learn how to lead and work as a team, and, most importantly, have their stories be seen, heard and valued.

Mission and Vision

Our mission is to create positive change through music and arts education.

Innovation Description

Trauma healing through dance and art


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