Updated Mar 18, 2020

Permalution: Fog water harvesting technology for climate change solutions


Permalution aims to introduce fog water harvesting as a new source of water for agricultural uses, ecosystem recovery, wildfire mitigation, domestic and industrial use.

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Tatiana Estevez carlucci

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Stage 3: Proof of Concept

At the moment we are focusing both on finish building our current pilot project, and the development of the final product to begin sales. We already built our water radar and small scale functional prototype to assess the viability and scope of a wildfire mitigation system with fog water in Cerro de San Juan in Nayarit MX.
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Focus Areas:

Water Supply/Quality, Biodiversity and Climate Change and Resilience

Water Supply/Quality, Biodiversity and Climate Change and ResilienceSEE LESS

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According to the UN by 2020, 30-40% of the world will be under a water stress situation, with already 14 countries under extreme drought situations. With also wildfires around the world that translates to an estimate of 10 football fields of land are being burned per minute. Only in the US, wildfires represented an economic loss of 400B$ only in 2018, creating unmeasurable biodiversity loss.



The solution is Fog, we are introducing a new water source into the scene. With our 2 product configuration, a fog catcher and a water radar, we can capture from 150-400 liters of water per day, which can support a family of 4-6. It is a passive solution and it does not alter ecosystems. Our device is a ready-to-assemble product that can be assembled by even a young person. We are not only harvesting fog, but we are also mapping it to determine the best places to set up projects.

Target Beneficiaries

Our main sales channels will be through governments and NGOs. Governments and universities are already interested in our product. We are currently building a wildfire mitigation project in Tepic, Nayarit, with the Mexican Government, for native plants establishment through fog irrigation and an artificial water mass made from fog water (pond), for wildfire recharge stations, and assist with flora and fauna regeneration and survival during a drought situation.

Mission and Vision

Our vision is to Support and contribute to environmental conservation, and transcending benefits for society. Our mission is to add a new water source to the water game, embracing a whole new water source.

Innovation Description

If we deliver fog catchers around the world, we will achieve a reduction in water stress areas. Introducing a new water source into the game to alleviate the water stress situation around the world. live better and healthy lives. Making fog accessible to everyone and the government using this technology to fight fires, and providing access to water for their communities. In the future, we want to create seed clouds to bring for anywhere in the world. We will also provide water education to lower water usage in the world, where there is fog.

Competitive Advantage

Lack of access to water, water scarcity or drought, reforestation, refill of cold mantles, water reserves for forest fires, the establishment of communities or shelters, restoration of natural areas together with other microclimates throughout the world that are also under drought and have access to fog.

The Team Behind the Innovation

Tatiana Estevez: International government partnerships and sustainable Cities. Private sector experience as head of innovation. Project manager for sustainability projects. COO Priscila Casillas: Environmental and fog policy-making. Government Partnerships, Environmental Project Logistic. CTO Jazmin Estevez: Civil Engineer. technical project management. Engineering team coordination. Material expert, leading R&D. With experience in Montreal's new bridge, the Champlain



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