Updated May 24, 2019

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PedalTap is a retrofittable and affordable, hands free foot operated water dispensing device designed to reduce the spread of infectious disease and save water. It is modifying the existing water system for developing countries.

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Grace Nakibaala

Stage 4: Transition to Scale

We piloted the PedalTap with 10 communities in Kampala and we have officially launched the product to the market. We are now looking for orders and partnerships with organisations and entities with the vision of reducing infection and saving water

Focus Areas:

Health, Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) and Human Centered Design

Health, Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) and Human Centered DesignSEE LESS

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In Uganda and most developing countries the most common tap is the manual tap where you have to use your hand to open the tap wash your hands and then use the clean hands to close the tap. If it is a tap at a public water point, there is 60% risk that you will walk away with an infection in your hands. Recommended practice is to rinse the tap after use, use your elbow to open and close the tap use tissue to open and close the tap, but these recommendations are often not being followed.



‘PedalTap’, is an affordable, portable hands free foot operated water tap dispensing system. The PedalTap technology is modifying the existing water tap system to create a no touch cost effective solution for developing countries that reduces the growth and frequency of potent and infectious diseases spread like flu, cholera, Ebola on existing taps. Effectve hand hygiene contributes 60% reduction in hospital care associated infectious and potent diseases spread in public faclities.

Target Beneficiaries

Our target are public water points that include toilets at schools, churches, markets, health facilities. We are also targeting humanitarian emergencies like refugees and mobile gatherings or events.

Mission and Vision

With PedalTap we are reducing the rate of infection spread through a no touch technology that leads to better hand washing practices since there is no fear of touching the manual tap. We are also saving water since water does not flow without pressure exerted on the foot pedal. We are currently saving half the water for the areas where we have PedalTaps installed. Good health is in Our hands so we must wash them properly to prevent infection spread

Innovation Description

The premise of the PedalTap is alleviating the usability and hand hygiene problems associated with the existing tap systems. The system consists of a spring loaded foot pedal which is connected to one of the existing valves. The pedal consist of a base on which the foot is placed, which is connected to a rod, a spring and a valve in sequence. Connected to the valve is a spring with a carefully chosen constant of elasticity to allow for easy actuation. This spring allows the valve to return to its original (OFF) position when force is released. This is because of its ability to store potential energy during the time when it is stretched. The operator only needs to press the foot pedal for the water to flow. This means that on release of the force from the pedal, the water stops flowing as the valve-spring is restored to its original position. The advantages of the PedalTap include; No hand contact as the actuation is done by stepping on the foot pedal, eliminates human errors, it is easy to operate, it is a permanent mechanism, Manual system works well in developing countries since there is no or minimal running cost, and there is reduction in water wastage by more than half the water one would ordinarily use to wash his/her hands since water only flows with applied force and as soon as this force is removed then the tap instantly closes. The foot pedal controlled valve can be installed within hospitals, public places such as toilets within public areas and refugee

Competitive Advantage

● No hand contact as the actuation is done by stepping on the foot pedal.

● It minimises or eliminates human errors since water only flows when the pedal is pressed and stops on release.

● The tap is easy to operate. This is because the user operates in a free standing posture, and there no need to bend or twist.

● It is a permanent mechanism, with no strings or hanging parts. The moving parts of the PedalTap are limited to the interior, thus elongating lifetime and improving aesthetics and user friendliness.

● Manual systems work well in developing countries since there is no or minimal running cost of powering the system by using electricity or batteries.

● Reduction in water wastage since water only flows with applied force. as soon as it is removed then it instantly cases

Planned Goals and Milestones

We have officially launched the product on the market here in Uganda and our next step is making sales. We are now marketing the product and building our business model. We plan to partner with organizations that promote hand hygiene as a means of infection prevention and control e.g World Health organization, Infectious Disease Institute, Ministries of Health among others. Other beneficiaries would be those that promote saving water e,g National Water and Sewerage Co-operation.
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