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PakStraw - Saving lives every minute.

We design highly cost-effective off the grid water filtration solutions which are tailor-made to meet the needs of millions around the globe living at and below the poverty line. Our products are designed to empower the end users by improving their health and financial security.


Stage 5: Scaling

After 3 yrs of R&D, the MVP was launched in Aug'17. After attestations from numerous national and international laboratories, successful pilot is carried out with 500 families. We want to reach 100 million people in next 10 years
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Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH), Health, Energy and 2 MoreSEE ALL

Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH), Health, Energy, Entrepreneurship and Economic EmpowermentSEE LESS

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2.1B across the globe lack access to clean drinking water. Every 90 second, a child dies only due to diarrhea. Every day, 32B USD are spent on health care due to WASH globally. 40% of the sub-continent will face water scarcity by 2025. Only in Pakistan, more than 500,00 children die every year due to water borne diseases.
Despite of all the technological advancement in last 2 decades, we are still unable to solve this issue due to 2 major reasons, inaccessibility and unaffordability.



Our lifetime affordable, portable, off-grid filters that can purify water to 99.9999%. The company is currently working with Govt, NGOs, defense forces, institutes, and micro-entrepreneurs to bring clean affordable water to the people.
According to our very conservative and preliminary calculations, each home filter can save 7.2 tons of CO2 from going into the environment. With a filtration capacity of 400,000L, each home filter can save energy to power 10 houses in remote communities.

Target Beneficiaries

The beneficiaries from this project are people who are living under the poverty line. This bottom of the pyramid has to face death every minutedue to preventable water borne diseases. With PakVitae technology, these people not only can have safe and healthy drinking water, but they can earn a livelihood by selling this affordable clean drinking water through a green & off-the grid water filtration process in their communities and ensure the health at a communal level

Mission and Vision

Our Vision is determined t defy challenges of affordability and reach in providing clean drinking water to masses globally and our mission is to empower 50,000 common persons to help us fulfill our vision in next 10 years.

We believe that we alone cannot accomplish this task. Hence we aim to empower common people to start social entrepreneurship (water-preneurs) at Miro level by selling clean affordable drinking water (using our technology) to people in their communities.

Innovation Description

PakVitae is working on hollow fiber membrane technology with hydrophobic and hydrophilic membrane skins. Hollow fiber membrane technology was initially introduced in 1960s and it still majorly only exists at lab-scale. Very few developed countries have made this technology commercially available which include South Korea, Japan, China, Singapore, and Germany. However, this commercially available technology is still inaccessible due to high cost, difficulty of manufacturing, lack of skilled labor, and energy intensive manufacturing. The pore size of the membrane is 10 nm. These filters can even remove the smallest viruses of Polio and Hepatitis to 99.99%. They can filter water up to 400,000 Liters under just $25. Now you can have clean drinking water daily, off-grid, in less than 1 USD/16000 liters.
As, the filtration process in our membranes is size based, these membranes never let the contaminants pass through it. The flow rate decreases with time and after every backwash (once in a month), the membrane is renewed to its maximum performance. Near the completion of capacity, the flowrate decrease becomes irrecoverable and the membrane is clogged.
It is tested under extreme water conditions (canal and sewage water) and have been found to perform with great efficiency. Due to fibrification of membrane, the surface area is increased exponentially (compared to spiral wound TFC membranes) which reduces pressure requirement significantly and increases life.

Competitive Advantage

The existing solutions based on hollow fiber membrane are simple (not hydrophobic/hydrophilic), single skinned, slow, and high-pressure requirement based. The modifications made by PakVitae have made manufacturing process 7.78 times faster than the currently used high-tech spinning system (used by Toyobo Japan, 1 of the top hollow fiber manufacturing facilities).

The surface area of these membranes developed by PakVitae is 1000 times more than the conventional spiral wound. This enables the membrane to operate under very low pressures (zero head filtration).

Compared to competitive international products such as LifeStraw, Sawyer, LifeSaver, survival max, etc. PakVitae technology is around 10 times cheaper w.r.t production, 3 times faster, and has 2-5 times more capacity. Another unique factor is the antimicrobial filter body and membrane with intrinsic property which does not allow the bacterial growth on the filter or membrane’s clean side.

Planned Goals and Milestones

We plan to develop social micro-entrepreneurs (water-preneurs) to provide clean drinking water to people through a low cost ($10,000), off-grid, water cleaning and bottling set-up that will be based on yearly subscription model to sell 15000 to 20000 Liters of clean drinking water daily in Urban areas and similarly in rural areas (all women) to sell 1000 Liters of clean drinking water daily under just $100 set-up that works without any power requirements.
Funding Goal1,000,000
Projected Cumulative Lives Impacted30,000,000
New Implemented CountriesAfghanistan, Ethiopia, Bangladesh, India, Somalia, Sierra Leone
Recruit2 water experts, 3 chemists, 2 person for documentation, 1 economist, 1 finance expert, 3 HR personnel, 2 Manager, 4 assistants, 3 board members, 2 advisers, quality assurance and evaluation (out-source), 3 external evaporators, 30 volunteers, MEP team (out-source)
New Featureoff-grid water filtration and bottling facility with solar power to filter 15,000 Liters of water daily for 3 years ($10,000) for micro-entrepreneurs


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