Updated Jun 28, 2018

Opportunity2Change: Pre-disaster Training for School Leaders and Educators

Part of Center for Employment Initiatives

A pre-disaster training program for school leaders and teachers empowering them to assess and take advantage of available resources after an emergency to maximise education continuity and support to children and families.


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Stage 3: Proof of Concept

The intellectual concept behind this innovation has been field-tested to gain an early 'real-world' assessment of it's potential.

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This initiative aims to ultimately address the problem of schools and their communities missing out on opportunities, potentially made available in an emergency when context changes, priorities are re-evaluated and urgency generated. This includes missing out on mobilizing necessary resources; being unable to prioritise needs and focus on purposeful action; or missing addressing important, education relevant community change issues that may have seemed intractable before the emergency.

Target Beneficiaries

Education leaders and influencers such as head teachers, deputy head teachers and government policy makers will be the main target group in the pilot stage and will benefit from training, mentoring and tools and an on-line community of practice support network. School communities and students will benefit from school leaders being able to mobilise resources and effect change. A specific focus will be on building the capacity of female education leaders and promoting an opportunistic approach such as the opportunity of emergency funding to build more secure dormitory facilities for girls. Success will be measured by how participants have been able to identify purposeful changes they would like to make, analyse potential interventions in likely scenarios and take action. This will include interventions before, during and after an emergency to help these changes to happen. If a real emergency happens during the pilot then the actual application of these interventions could be evaluated.

Mission and Vision

By 2021, across targeted emergency affected Pacific countries, we expect evidence of school & education community reforms, incl. on entrenched issues, as education leaders have reacted purposefully and strategically in times of crises.Q: With much evidence regarding the challenges of achieving ___sticky" learning outcomes in leadership development programs, the biggest hurdle will be how to make this experimental learning sticky in such a way that it is drawn on & useful in the heat of a crisis.

Innovation Description

Building on recent practice and concepts around adaptive programming, school leadership and adaptive leadership, this initiative develops a pilot emergency preparedness leadership program for education leaders including head teachers and deputies, government decision makers and community leaders. The pilot program is envisaged to be an experimental ___on the job__

Competitive Advantage

While adaptive leadership practice and programming are now being incorporated in many development programs, they are not common in the area of education in emergencies. Opportunity2Change will draw on an adaptive leadership framework and skills from its resource of people connected to the international Centre for Leadership and Adaptation (CLA) and piloted in the Pacific through the Pacific Leadership Program as well as its experience in working in and evaluating education programs in various emergency and post emergency contexts. As far as we are aware, no other organisations are doing this work in the Pacific context. We believe this pilot has a strong chance of success in developing learning in how to build capacity in education leadership in emergency contexts as Opportunity2Change is applying tested methodologies from other contexts though people who are experienced in evaluating approaches in this context.


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