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Training home-based childcare providers through blended learning to create high quality early childhood care and education for the vulnerable children of factory workers in Vietnam


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Stage 4: Transition to Scale

Focus Areas:

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Frequent cases of child abuse or neglect are reported in Vietnam’s 325 industrial zones, where an estimated 1.2 million children of low-wage factory workers live. 80% of these factory workers are young women who make around $5 USD a day and struggle to access the limited public childcare due to their migrant status and low pay. As a result, as many as 39 children may be looked after by just one or two adult caregivers for 12+ hours a day in unlicensed home-based childcare (HBC) arrangements.



OneSky is working with the Vietnamese government to upskill the home-based childcare provider workforce in the industrial zones to improve the quality of early childhood care and education (ECCE) for vulnerable children under age 6 in their stead. We do this through our innovative blended learning solution to train and digitally empower HBC providers and caregivers, investing in the early childhood workforce at scale to safeguard the rights of Vietnam’s most vulnerable young children.

Target Beneficiaries

Our innovation serves the estimated 1.2 million young children of factory workers by training often unlicensed HBC providers in the informal industry that has emerged to meet the demand for childcare. These HBC providers are often local women entrepreneurs, many mothers themselves, with little or no training and support. As a result, these children face an increased risk of neglect, abuse, and poorer care. Our two-generation work simultaneously benefits adult caregivers – HBC providers and working parents – and their children.

Innovation Description

Having originally tested and scaled the OneSky approach to co-train with the Chinese government every caregiver in child welfare institutions across every province of China, we have now adapted our work to Vietnam and set up a successful pilot in 2018 at our national demonstration early learning center in the growing industrial city of Da Nang. Our innovation consists of three main components: (1) an evidence-based, 20-week HBC provider training program delivered every two weeks through in-person group sessions; (2) fortnightly HBC visits by trainers to coach providers; and (3) a mobile-friendly online portal known as "1GiaDinhLon" in Vietnamese or "1BigFamily" in English offering blended learning, digital communities of practice, and on-going professional development for HBC providers. We are also now adding a new parenting program for factory workers, offered through those same HBC providers, to strengthen nurturing environments at home as well. All HBC providers are invited to attend this training by their provincial Department of Education, a key government partner to our work. Our training of trainers combined with our digital learning platform ultimately works towards our goal of upskilling the entire HBC provider workforce at scale across Vietnam’s factory zones.

Competitive Advantage

OneSky is the leading organization working with the Vietnamese government specifically on a scalable ECCE model in industrial zones to improve holistic child development and the responsive care provided in HBCs. Our innovation transforms the quality of care offered by HBC providers at an approximate cost-per-child of $15 USD and has a greater impact per dollar than alternative solutions due to our distinctive blended learning approach. A three-year randomized control study of our work in rural China (using the same curriculum and methods we use for training in Vietnam) was conducted by the China Development Research Foundation and the Amsterdam Institute for International Development. The impact evaluation showed that our programs had a positive effect on caregiver attitudes and child development outcomes, particularly gross-motor and social-emotional skill development. Beginning this year, a new impact evaluation on our HBC training approach in Vietnam will be conducted by Professor Aisha Yousafzai at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.

Planned Goals and Milestones

We have already trained 320 HBC providers in Da Nang province to improve the quality of care for 9,280 children. Our success has led Vietnam's Ministry of Education and Training to ask that we bring our innovation to 19 more provinces to reach an estimated 417,000 vulnerable children of factory workers. In the future, we aim to upskill, and eventually certify with accreditation, the entire HBC provider workforce at scale to reach all 1.2 million children of factory workers across industrial zones as well as build the capacity of government to adopt and implement our approach. We have funding secured for expansion into the first 2 new provinces but are seeking funding and technical support for this next critical phase in our transition-to-scale to demonstrate our innovation in 4 more provinces and engage stakeholders to build authorization for systems change.
Projected Cumulative Lives Impacted417,000
New FeatureEnhancing 1GiaDinhLon digital content and blended learning; fine-tuning our operational model and scaling strategy; improving our M&E for quality at scale

The Team Behind the Innovation

We have a local, experienced team of early childhood education specialists and trainers, supported by a women-led executive team and global support staff with expertise in ECCE, operations, partnerships, strategy, and M&E. Our Founder and CEO Jenny Bowen received the Skoll Award for Social Entrepreneurship for OneSky’s work to transform China’s child welfare system, which has adopted our approach as the national standard of care over the last 20 years.



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