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OhmniLabs Telepresence Robot Enables Seamless Human Interactions from Anywhere in the World

OhmniLabs' Telepresence Robot, Ohmni is a fresh approach to video/tele conferencing, specifically designed to facilitate effortless interactions and natural experiences.

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Thuc Vu

Stage 4: Transition to Scale

After just 2 years, we were able to produce one of the most affordable and advanced telepresence robots in the market. We have completed our beta development and now are entering our full production stage.

Focus Areas:

Health, Communication with Communities and Response Technologies

Health, Communication with Communities and Response TechnologiesSEE LESS

Implemented In:

United States, Vietnam, Canada and 2 MoreSEE ALL

United States, Vietnam, Canada, Australia and South KoreaSEE LESS

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There are 617 million seniors aged 65 years or older and this number is projected to double by 2050. Almost a third of live by themselves, and their biggest fears are “loneliness” and “risk of accidents”. The dynamic of spread-out modern families and rising costs of professional care pose a huge burden on the family, and create a grave challenge for seniors who require proper care and companionship.



Ohmni is a telepresence robot that lets people connect in a more natural and engaging way than any video chat. Ohmni makes it effortless to join in and share experiences like cooking with mom, game day with dad, or movie night with grandparents -- across any distance. Ohmni also makes it easy for healthcare physicians to drop in for a checkup or to address patients’ immediate concerns.

Target Beneficiaries

Our solution aims at removing inefficiencies, and allowing for patients and seniors to receive frequent care and companionship without the burden of operating complex technology. We tested generations of prototypes to hit upon the right combination of hardware, software, and design. By blending human-oriented designs with smart machine automation, we want our robots to fit easily into everyday life of the elders.

Mission and Vision

Being far away from home ourselves, we could relate to the needs for affordable robots that bring families closer. So we set out to design robots with modular components, and utilize lean, toolless manufacture, resulting in many advanced scalable technologies that could be readily deployed in millions of homes, care facilities, and offices in a short time. We want to revolutionize the delivery of healthcare and human connections.

Innovation Description

Ohmni is designed from the ground up with simplicity in mind. To set up, an end user just unfolds Ohmni, presses the power button, and connects to home Wi-Fi. Share access by inviting family, friends, and trusted healthcare professionals by email address, Google, or Facebook account. Remote users can connect using the Chrome browser on any Mac/PC or Android device from anywhere in the world. There is no app to download. Users can interact freely by controlling Ohmni with the keys, trackpad, or touch controls. Ohmni has a sturdy tripod-style wheelbase, a tilting “head” which lets users look up and down, and it can collapse down into a small portable package. Ohmni also has an auto-docking feature for charging its 6 hour battery.

Competitive Advantage

There are no competitors directly targeting senior health today. Other robots that are not well designed for this environment are too expensive and too large. These include VGo, Double, and Beam. In addition, Ohmni folds in half for easy transport in and out of a senior’s residence, making them the only robot than can be deployed and removed easily by caregivers. Ohmni robots are affordable but with high quality of audio and video. Ohmni also has smooth driving and head tilt movements, which help create holistic natural experiences and interactions. The control of the robot is intuitive and it does not require user to install any software to be able to drive the robot. And most importantly, the robot requires zero touch from the elders. All the operations are controlled by the remote user.

Planned Goals and Milestones

We are looking to expand our presence in healthcare, education, and other markets around the world. We will continue to leverage our unique speed and capabilities to create better products with measurable and demonstrable value to customers, investors, public, and roboticists/developers.

Funding Goal300,000
New Implemented CountriesBrazil, China, Taiwan, Singapore
Recruit2 advisors, 1 manager, 10 engineers, 10 PTEs
New FeatureRobotic arm, medical features


Jul 2017
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Apr 2016
New Country Implemented In
United States
Apr 2016

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