Updated Oct 02, 2018

Novel Workplace NCD and ID Screening for Garment Factory Female Workers Using EMR

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Non-communicable Diseases and Non-communicable Diseases

Non-communicable Diseases and Non-communicable DiseasesSEE LESS

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Bangladesh and Bangladesh

Bangladesh and BangladeshSEE LESS

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Bangladesh has about 5,400 garment factories with 4 million workers and up to 16 million livelihoods dependent on it directly or indirectly. 70% of these workers are reproductive-age women, who have almost no access to healthcare. They work 6 days a week for long hours. Many factories are located in the urban areas, which further complicates the situation of these disadvantaged people as there is no effective urban healthcare system for the underserved people in the urban areas in Bangladesh.


Mar 2018
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