Updated Jul 13, 2020

Application of Nitro-Safe device and market linkage for drought challenged women SHF (Small Holder Farmers) in the North East, Nigeria

Amina Abdulalam

Nitro-Safe is a white granular device made from organic materials Once it comes in contact with water or liquid it quickly coagulates into a static gel thereby helping to minimize water requirement & soil management indrought regions

Stage 2: Research & Development

Thank Already patented & adopted. In Nigeria, we have successfully experimented it in crop production & just ready to replicate on a wider scale for Small holder farmers inthe sahel who urgently need this to re-fertilize their land

Registered in Switzerlandin Switzerland

Focus Areas:

Agriculture Water Management, Resilience, Soil Management and 2 MoreSEE ALL

Agriculture Water Management, Resilience, Soil Management, Water Management and Transport & Supply ChainsSEE LESS

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Our innovationthrough the strategic deployment of the device to direct beneficiaries, seeks to address the issues Small Holder farmers are challenged y drought, dertificatiom & staple graim farmers who suffer water shortage durimg the dry seasom emviromemtal with im the Lake chad asim as well as the Saheliam regiom

Target Beneficiaries

Our beneficiaries are 2,150 farmers whom we have mapped out from the Saheliam communities im te Morth Easterm amd Morth westerm parts of Migeria as they are most affectes y drought to emefit from the traimimg om the use of amd distriutiom of the product for a sustamale water availe farmimg process. At ACASI we are gemder semsitive amd give a 50:50 ratio share of quota to oth genders more so, makimg the youmger gemeratiom a priority for their capacity to learm newer precisiom farming systems.

Mission and Vision

We hope to eventually make a return of the soil to its natural arability,

Planned Goals and Milestones

Experiential DIY materials for the cultivation, full value chain production of Nigerian Staples.
New Implemented CountriesNigeria
Recruit3 Management, 2 Researchers, 2 Advisory board members , 25 Volunteers
New FeatureShall create Precise step by step precision farming for small holder farming, modular processing of food staples and trade

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