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NatureCoin - Integrating Blockchain and IoT dApp for recycling

NatureCoin with blockchain: A sustainable currency making recycling profitable to save our ocean.

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Crystal Chow

Stage 3: Proof of Concept

Our team has successfully developed our own blockchain platform, an blockchain wallet mobile app for users, and the configurations of smart bins connect physical hardware in IoT network with our blockchain platform.

Focus Areas:

Waste Management, Climate Change and Resilience, Blockchain and 1 MoreSEE ALL

Waste Management, Climate Change and Resilience, Blockchain and Enabling EnvironmentSEE LESS

Implemented In:

Hong Kong and South Korea

Hong Kong and South KoreaSEE LESS

Countries Implemented In


By 2050, there will be more plastics than fish in the seas. The existing recycling systems are centralized, low in scalability, and inconvenient for all individuals. We will be a better bottom-up solutions for the current expensive, inconvenient inefficient recycling system and to create economical value and incentives for every individuals. We would like to focus on SDGs 11 - sustainable cities, 12 - sustainable consumption and eco-tourism.



‘NatureCoin’ is a cryptocurrency designed as the game-changer of the recycling industry for the vision of future smart city. It utilizes blockchain and IoT technology to reward users for their sustainable actions. Our service is to deploy smart bins for recycling via large-scale loT network in cities and our NatureCoin app will bind all hardware in the system, act as a digital wallet for transactions, and provide data analysis to ensure efficiency in the recycling rewarding system.

Target Beneficiaries

Our vision is to develop a network of decentralized recycling rewarding system for smart cities, solving recycling problem and spur changes across world. The strength of blockchain allows direct, secured transactions between users. NatureCoin is scalable on global level to be differentiate from fiat currencies. It is also designed for people who do not own a bank account in least developed country (LDC) and to bridge the wealth gap as they can make a living on recycling.

Mission and Vision

Youth’s role in reducing the world’s carbon footprint will be imperative in years to come. What is most fascinating about North America is its innovative ecosystem and disruptive technology standards across the region. Some cities are already en route to becoming “smart” namely ‘Smart Dubai 2021’, Hong Kong and South Korea have just started the discussion a solution to plastic problem with blockchain as they see huge potential in it.

Innovation Description

When users recycle plastic into ‘SmartBin’, the number of plastic wastes recycled is converted into our cryptocurrency - Nature Coin. It creates a local community of local citizens, tourists and government connected with environmental cause. Tourists can exchange coins for goods and services provided by local vendors (i.e. souvenirs, free ride on public transports). This solution aims to promote low-waste, low-carbon transport and eco-tourism at the same time.

Competitive Advantage

1. Globalized & Decentralized P2P transaction: easy accessible;2. Efficiency: Allocate the optimal number of smart bins at right locations via data analysis; 3. Profitability: Make recycle profitable for individual by creating a new global economy connected by environmental cause. ; 4. Long-term Sustainability: Contribute to smart cities with big data, smart network and IoT; 5. Eco-tourism: Minimize the long-term environmental impacts brought by overwhelming number of tourists

Planned Goals and Milestones

We are now issuing our cryptocurrency on Ethereum platform for ICO (Initial Coin Offering) process to gain funding. We are also connect with experts in the United Nations and organization related to technology and environemnt.
Funding Goal300,000
New Implemented CountriesChina, Canada, Hong Kong, South Korea
Recruit2 Co-foudner, 1 Project Manager, 2 Developer, 2 Designers
New FeatureGame-changing technology of the recycling industry


Apr 2019
Recognition ReceivedPENDING
Apr 2018
New Product or Service
We have launched out cryptocurrency on the ethereum network
Apr 2018
New Country Implemented In
Hong Kong
Feb 2018
Recognition ReceivedPENDING
as part of
The Asia-Pacific low-carbon lifestyles challenge
Date Unknown
New Country Implemented In
South Korea

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