Updated Jun 28, 2018


NaTakallam aims to employ Syrian refugees to address the labor shortage caused by the refugee crisis and anti-Arab and Islamophobia in the world through education.


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Stage 3: Proof of Concept

Focus Areas:

Workforce Development and Technology

Workforce Development and TechnologySEE LESS

Implemented In:

Iraq and Lebanon

Iraq and LebanonSEE LESS

Countries Implemented In


Displaced persons, many of them highly educated/or whose education was interrupted by conflict, face numerous challenges finding work. By providing a remote work opportunity as language partners online, NaTakallam gives them access to an income, informal learning and friendships by interacting with language learners worldwide, effectively helping them to develop their soft skills, improve their English, and build employable skills--at times conducive to full-time jobs/resettlement.



NaTakallam is the first ever language platform where language practice is delivered by displaced persons. NaTakallam is tackling the urgent employment crisis surrounding today_s global refugee crisis, and more specifically, the fact that among the 65 million forcibly displaced people, millions are highly qualified and educated individuals who have been robbed from finishing their education or finding a job due to legal and cultural barriers. Our solution is an online social venture, which self-generates its own revenue, based on the fact that these refugees all speak languages that many people around the world are interested in learning. Starting with a focus on Syrian refugees and Arabic, NaTakallam has worked with over 1300 students from around the world (60% in the US) and about 60 Syrian refugees living in 10 different countries (mainly in Lebanon, Iraq, France, Italy) by connecting them for language exchange. NaTakallam finds refugees, vet and trains them, and their income through the platform has become the main srouce of revenue (60% or more) for 50% of the refugees working in the project. About 60% of NaTakallam's conversation partners (especially in Iraq and Europe) are students who are able to continue their education with this flexible source of income. They are often studying a new language in their host country or getting trainings such as coding, and working for NaTakallam helps self-sustain them, in addition to developing their English skills and soft skills.

Target Beneficiaries

The main beneficiary of NaTakallam are young displaced persons who have interrupted their education due to the conflict in their homeland. For young women, often mothers, NaTakallam is something they can practice from home, while staying with their children. At present, NaTakallam is focusing on Syrian and Iraqi refugees/ IDPs. Many are frequently displaced persons who need an income to sustain themselves while completing their studies in a host country. We are also working with partners that provide trainings, such as the UNDP backed-Re:Coded program, which offers a coding school to refugees. The fellows rely on NaTakallam to make an income while completing the coding bootcamp. NaTakallam provides beneficiaries with soft skills and cultural exchange resulting from their one-on-one work the language learner, in addition to financial support to pursue formal education. For young women, NaTakallam has an added value as it can be done from the comfort of their home.

Mission and Vision

In a global setting where political leaders are talking about building walls, NaTakallam is building bridges.

Innovation Description

NaTakallam leverages the gig economy and lies at the crossroad of education and livelihoods, providing income for refugees who then ensure their own education while gaining critical skills (ex. English), soft skills related to professional communications and online tools and cultural learning.


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