Updated May 24, 2019

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myTurn Library of Things / Circular Economy Platform

Our easy to use platform is helping organizations around the world to increase affordable access to tools, equipment, and other products while reducing consumption and waste. We're helping increasing reuse 10 to 100 times over individual ownership.

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Gene Homicki

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Stage 4: Transition to Scale

myTurn has been translated into 10 additional languages due to increasing worldwide demand from cities ("Libraries of Things"), Universities (sharing programs on campus), and enterprises radically increasing product utilization.

Focus Areas:

Processing & Production, Climate Change and Resilience, Urbanization and 4 MoreSEE ALL

Processing & Production, Climate Change and Resilience, Urbanization, Entrepreneurship, Waste Management, Public-Private Partnerships and ResilienceSEE LESS

Lives Impacted to Date

Mission and Vision

myTurn's goal is to make every infrequentyly used product shareable and ensure everyone has access to the things they need to succeed. Product sharing and reuse is the only method that can simultaneously increase access to products, while simultaneously reducing consumption (and environmental impacts of manufacturing, transportation, storage, and disposal) of those very same items.

Innovation Description

The myTurn platform helps organizations and individuals track, rent, and share tools, equipment, and other goods. Our platform is used in cities to increase access to products, while simultaneously reducing consumption and waste of those very same products. This is accomplished with "Libraries of Things" where people can freely or via a subscription fee, borrow tools, equipment, and other products similarly to how people can borrow books at a public library.

Universities also use our platform to manage bike lending and equipment sharing programs on campuses. And enterprisesand businesses are using our platform to:
  • Increase reuse of equipment internally, and rent underutilized equipment to other businesses
  • Manage "energy efficiency equipment libraries" to help in energy efficiency retrofits
  • Rent or share, often underutilized, resources with individuals or other nearby organizations

Competitive Advantage

Over the past 4 years, we have collected best practices, and data, from hundreds of location on what types of items are needed in what areas, and which items are the most durable and appropriate for sharing.

Our platform is built from the ground up to increase the access to and utilization of products at the community level through regional partnerships. myTurn combines the best and most essential features of asset tracking, rental or lending library software, reservation/booking software, and soon the integration of electronic locks and lockers, to ensure everyone has access to the tools and equipment they need to succeed. No other platform has proven to increase utilization of products 10 to 100 times that of individual ownership.

Planned Goals and Milestones

We're currently implementing a self-checkout Kiosk Mode with electronic locks, and deploying via shipping containers with our customers and partners.
Funding Goal10,000,000
New Implemented CountriesGhana, Belgium, Norway, New Zealand, Mexico, India
New FeatureSelf-checkout Kiosk Mode integration with electronic locks and lockers to allow 24/7 access to products.


Mar 2018
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German, Dutch, and Spanish Translations Added
Jan 2018
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Nov 2017
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Self Service Kiosk Mode added
Aug 2017
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Hungarian Translation Added
Sep 2014
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French Translation
Nov 2013