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Citizens collaborating with governments for better public services.

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Stage 4: Transition to Scale

MOPA is currently used by the Maputo Municipality in Mozambique. This is the official platform used by the Municipality to collect feedback on waste collection service delivery. After being live for 1 year and constantly growing, with the commitment by the Municipality to keep using the platform, MOPA is now ready to scale to other departments (e.g. water and sanitation; road works; etc) and to scale to other cities in Mozambique and throughout Africa.

Registered in Mozambique.

Focus Areas:

Democracy, Human Rights, and Governance, Environment, Good Governance and 10 MoreSEE ALL

Democracy, Human Rights, and Governance, Environment, Good Governance, Other, Waste Management, Urbanization, Communication with Communities, Data Collection/Needs Assessments, Sanitation, Citizen Participation, Disaster Risk Reduction, Crowdsourcing and Open Source and InclusionSEE LESS

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MozambiqueSEE LESS

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Waste management in slums is not efficient and affects the health of citizens, who feel marginalized. Municipalities cannot optimize service provision because they do not have data available on the types of problems more frequent in each neighbourhood of the city. There is no transparency and accountability on public service delivery.



An inclusive digital platform that turns citizens into sensors of their neighbourhoods.

Target Beneficiaries

Marginalized communities living in the slums around cities. Low income citizens whose concerns are not addressed by the Government.

Mission and Vision

We want to see citizens collaborating with governments in a transparent and accountable way, to improve public service delivery. We hope to see cities where citizens can benefit from public services regardless of where they live or their purchasing power.

Innovation Description

Citizens can report waste issues throughout the cities and slums by dialing *311# with any mobile device. Reports are mapped and published online, and the Municipality coordinates a response solution with private sector operators. Citizens receive updates and confirmation when the issue has been solved. Data collected through time is analyzed for future planning and activities.

Competitive Advantage

Ours is the only trully inclusive smart-city platform, where citizens using dumb or smartphones, tablets or computers can effectively report on issues in their neighbourhoods. Our system is available for free on any mobile operator in Mozambique, so that no one is excluded by being connected to a specific service.

Planned Goals and Milestones

We are planning to scale this solution to other public services, and to implement it in other cities in Mozambique and throughout Africa. We would like to adapt the platform so that citizens can earn income through sorting and can sell it to middle man who transport and sell it to recycling businesses, or community makerspaces that can upcyle the waste to useful products than are needed by the community.
Funding Goal2,400,000
New Implemented CountriesAngola, Namibia, Kenya, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Tanzania
RecruitInstitutional Advisor; Data Analyst; Public Services Expert; Business Developer
New FeatureRecyclables Marketplace; Community Makerspaces for Upcycling.


Oct 2017
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Oct 2017
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Aug 2015
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