Updated Apr 03, 2018

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Lakay Vèt has developed a sustainable solution to Haiti's waste problem! Our modular and scalable digester systems are locally built and perfectly designed for Haiti's social and environmental atmosphere.

Stage 4: Transition to Scale

Focus Areas:

Agriculture, Health and Energy

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Waste litters nearly every street in Haiti and the government struggles to implement an effective solution. Though in several areas mayors make an effort to create designated piles for easy pickup, the waste rarely gets picked up. If the piles are picked up, it generally goes to Truitier or another extremely hazardous and largely unregulated dumpsite. As the population grows, the waste problem accelerates creating more sanitation and environmental hazards.



Our solution is custom tailored for Haiti's social and environmental landscape. It adds value to waste (thus incentivizing pickup), produces affordable biofertilizer for Haitian farmers, produces biogas for electricity, reduces health and environmental waste hazards and has an overall immensely positive environmental and health impacts for Haiti.

Mission and Vision

The waste problems that plague Haiti are not at all unique. Islands throughout the Caribbean face similar waste issues because of their high volume of imported products and minimal capacity to implement the infrastructure for recycling. Similarly, other islands also face very high energy prices due to the high cost of importing fuel.

Competitive Advantage

At Lakay Vèt, we believe that in order to create sustainable impact we need to develop profitable solutions that can spread throughout the island and eventually to the rest of the developing world. There are lots of NGO's working on various recycling efforts in Haiti, however, we are not just picking up plastic, baling it and exporting it to be recycled. We are actually building a multi-layered, resilienteconomic solution by adding value to the waste and using it domestically.

Planned Goals and Milestones

Lakay Vèt is working to lead the waste management sector in Haiti into a responsible and sustainable future. We are using custom innovative technology to transform waste into materials that can fuel the manufacturing and artisanal economic sectors as well as producing biofertilizer and biogas byproducts.

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