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Mobile Vaani (A federated network of mobile based community media platforms)


Vijay sai Pratap

Mobile Vaani is a voice based social media platform for rural and low income urban households, low literacy regions, and non-Internet users. It serves media-dark regions in an interactive manner and is accessible to anybody who has a phone.

Mobile Vaani (MV) uses the common ‘missed call’ concept where users place a call to an MV phone number, and the server cuts the call and calls them back. The MV IVR presents options to record voice messages they want to share, listen to messages left by others, comment on them, like and forward messages, navigate to different topic and location specific channels, take surveys, etc. a. MV is a ...
Mobile Vaani (MV) uses the common ‘missed call’ concept where users place a call to an MV phone number, and the server cuts the call and calls them back. The MV IVR presents options to record voice messages they want to share, listen to messages left by others, comment on them, like and forward messages, navigate to different topic and location specific channels, take surveys, etc. a. MV is a cost effective source of information: A wide variety of topics are featured on MV, including hyper-local news, job openings, agriculture advisory, social issues such as early marriage and Gender Based violence, health Q&A, governance and accountability, folk songs and poems etc. b. MV helps build strong institutions for rural and urban poor population: The bulk of the content on MV is user generated with recordings contributed over the IVR itself and subsequently moderated and curated by MV’s content team for publication on the IVR. The MV platform is localized at the district level with unique phone numbers for each active district of operation; each of these local channels has associated with them a group of volunteers from the local areas who are responsible to popularize the platform among communities they associate with. c. There are few thematic channels to address pressing issues of certain categories of users. For instance, industrial workers or adult women can access separate & dedicated MV channels, which offer them the most relevant space for discussion.

Stage 5: Scaling

Since last 6 years Mobile Vaani (MV) is working in 25+ districts in India and it caters to more than 2 million households. To date, MV has been used by 150+ partners including governments. It has clocked 12 million+ calls & 500,000+ voice reports.
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Focus Areas:

Health, Gender Equity, Citizen Participation and 4 MoreSEE ALL

Health, Gender Equity, Citizen Participation, Good Governance, Nutrition, Gender-based Violence and Communications and MediaSEE LESS

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Oxfam report 2018 indicates, Indian growth story is marred with inequality, wherein rural and urban poor communities remain at the lower rung of social and economic development. The problem of inequality gets further aggravated by following factors - a. Near absence of grievance redressal mechanisms, lack of community institutions as well as right sources of information. Women & poor people in the rural regions particularly find themselves at the receiving end of the socio-economic divide



Mobile Vaani (MV) is a voice-based community media platform. It is easy to use and readily accessible to even poorly literate and low income groups. It offers users the information on local news, government schemes, livelihoods, career opportunities, appropriate health and nutrition behavior, community demand for social accountability and workplace entitlements. MV discussion forums also ensures community building and solidarity they offers safe space for women to share issues among peers

Target Beneficiaries

Mobile Vaani (MV) caters to rural and urban poor of undeserved areas. MV currently runs in the states of Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Delhi NCR, Jharkhand and Tamil Nadu.The intervention caters to all the genders of diverse age profile. The user base is largely under 30 years of age (70% users), involved in agriculture either as small holder farmers or working as wage laborers (50% users), with monthly household incomes reported by the majority as under $70 (80% users).

Mission and Vision

Mission a. to extend reach of development interventions, b. to use mobile-based ICTs to engage with non-internet and internet savvy communities, c. to collect people-sourced reports on developmental work and convey them to relevant stakeholders, d. to run the network in a financially viable manner, e. to potentially impact 100+ million people in next 10+ years Vision: To build a more informed citizenry that can improve the effectiveness of the democratic governance processes

Competitive Advantage

Mobile Vaani (MV) enables all users with phones, access and share life impacting information through voice recordings. The distinguishing factor for MV is its characteristic of being community owned robust voice-based interface, which helps individuals/communities engage in expressing and discussing wide ranging issues pertaining to their lives. In addition, it has a vernacular content which is curated and moderated locally and disseminated to other users. The intervention combines the technical platform and the online marketplace with offline community engagement. Other initiatives like CGNETSWARA/Awaz De, use IVR technology but do not offer users a 'space' for discussion with peers. Also, unlike VIAMO, MV is a media platform, which gains social and commercial power only when it is meshed with the local community. To ensure the platform’s continued relevance to the communities it employs a bottom up approach. MV app supports the transition of users to richer data ecosystems.

Planned Goals and Milestones

With recent successes in speech technologies through deep-learning based methods we now aim for reaching to larger population. Based on these diverse experiences and added technological capacity we estimate scale of our direct impact for more than 50+ million people in near future. Moreover, through partnerships with government departments, NGOs, CSRs, AgTech/HealthTech companies, potentially MV can positively impact 100+ million people in next 10+ years.
New Implemented CountriesEthiopia

The Team Behind the Innovation

Mr. Aaditeshwar Seth, PhD: Co-founder and Director, Professor, IIT Delhi. Mr. Vijay Sai Pratap, BE, MBA (SSSIHL), MBL (NLSIU), Co-founder & CEO Mr. Rachit Pandey, BTech, IITK: CTO Ms. Orlanda Ruthven, PhD: Director, Workforce & Labor Rights Mr. Rohit Singh, MBA (NMIMS), a Certified CSR Assessor by URS Worldwide (USA): VP Programs and Partnerships Ms. Sayonee Chaterjee, MSW, Director - Gender & Nutrition Mr. Sultan Ahmad, M.A. in Social Exclusion & Inclusive Policy, Director - Media & Governance



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