Updated Apr 04, 2018

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Mobile App for Remote Forest/Ecosystem Cover Monitoring

The App, Misitu na Jamii (Forests & People in Swahili), uses real-time information on the state of forests and related ecosystems to develop, amend, and implement effective community-based conservation policies to safeguard forest cover.

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Stage 2: Research & Development

Currently in prototyping phase

Focus Areas:

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Conservation agencies in Kenya and other stakeholders still rely on documented evidence on loss of important forest elements. As a result, most of the actions taken and policies adopted are not fit as they are based on outdated information. The period between data collection and publication is too long and much can happen between that time and when respective policies are effected.



The Mobile App seeks to aid conservationists, government agencies, and communities to use real-time information on the state of forests and related ecosystems to develop, amend, and implement effective community-based conservation policies that will safeguard the forest cover. Aspects such as unsustainable forest product consumption, illegal logging, and even poaching can be monitored using this application. From the data gained, communities can be sensitized on their role in attaining SDG 15.

Target Beneficiaries

The use of a mobile interface will come as a great relief and effective tool in forest management. Besides, since many people own smart phones, the app will greatly contribute to civil education and knowledge as they will readily download the app.

Mission and Vision

Engaging various stakeholders in the fight against forest loss and ecosystem degradation, while contribute to community empowerment through making the app available in order for stakeholders to use real time facts to develop polices/interventions for further protection of biodiversity.

Innovation Description

Developed by a member of the Global Youth Biodiversity Network and part of Wild World Expeditions.

The main purpose of this innovation is to provide useful knowledge on the trends in forest and related ecosystem cover depletion and growth. The mobile app shall use satellite photos and videos to provide real-time facts on the state of forested habitats in certain areas. Ideally, it will be focused on serving the rural population, such as farmers to understand the effects of continued bush clearing and farming along river banks. However, the app's potential can also be applied to national and international monitoring frameworks. The information relayed can be saved for future analysis and designing of interventions, as it indicates the exact location and time. Besides, the app may be used for other purposes such as ecosystem research, forest-related crime fight, and natural resource policy planning.

Planned Goals and Milestones

With the much-needed support, this product will be out by January 2019.

The innovation has the potential of reaching to millions of individuals if well adopted. For example, it can have a national (monitoring several or all rural and conservation areas)or international impact.


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