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Mobi-Water is an Internet of Things system that allows Water Providers to monitor and manage their available water and warns them when water levels are low on their mobile phone.

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Stage 3: Proof of Concept

We are currently running a Pilot targeting 100 local community water points in Kibera, Africa's largest informal settlement. By installing the system in the 100 water points, our goal is to increase water consistency by up to 30%.

Registered as a For-Profit in Kenya.

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Agriculture Water Management

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Access to water remains a huge challenge both in our country Kenya and in Sub-Saharan Africa. Over 17 million Kenyans rely on communal water points as their main sources of water, unfortunately most of these water points go are often faced with consistent water shortages leaving communities searching for water over long distances. This is mainly because local water points are often not monitored making them inefficient and unsustainable to operate within the first 3 years.



Mobi-Water is an affordable, remote, real-time water monitoring solution to assist water providers to monitor and manage water in local community water points. Also, Mobi-Water can operate without internet access which means it can function in most remote places in Africa unlike other imported monitoring systems. Water Providers will have real-time information to increase consistency and efficiency in local water points thereby increasing access to water for local communities.

Target Beneficiaries

Mobi-Water provides benefits to both ends of the water value chain; the Water Providers and the Consumers. Water Providers will have information on their water points which they can use to improve efficiency, predict increase in water demand, plan for future distribution and ensure their water points remain sustainable. For the community, they will benefit from increased water consistency at their water points which means they will no longer have to search for water.

Mission and Vision

Our Mission is to install Mobi-Water in 5000 local community by 2020 water points which will in-turn provide consistent water supply to 1,000,000 people.
Our Vision is to be Africa's leading Water Service Provider Partner by working with local, Municipal and National Water Service Providers to ensure Equal and Adequate Water for All by 2030.

Innovation Description

Mobi-Water is an Internet of Things System that consists of a Water level sensor and a GSM RTU Controller. The sensor is attached to the Tank/Reservoir and the controller (embedded with a GSM Sim Card) is used to transmit water level data to our Cloud Database either through SMS or GPRS. We then provide various channels for the Water Providers to access the information via SMS, Mobile App or Interactive Dashboard. The water providers can even set thresholds on each monitored tank/reservoir whereby should the water level exceed this threshold, they will automatically receive alerts directly on their mobile phones prompting them to recharge the tanks before they completely run out of water.

Competitive Advantage

Mobi-Water's competitive advantage lies in its affordability, reliability and we are First to Market with a water monitoring product for the B.O.P. Water Providers.
Mobi-Water costs a tenth of other similar systems imported from other countries, we designed it locally, with components that are readily available in the African market to make it sustainable in operations and maintenance. Unlike other imported monitoring systems that are mostly multifaceted and internet-based, Mobi-Water's functionality allows it to send data via SMS meaning it does not require the internet to send data. It can then be used in urban and very rural remote locations to collect and send water level data.

Planned Goals and Milestones

Our end year goal -2018 is to have Mobi-Water installed in 300 local community water points which will increase water availability for about 60,000 people. We also plan to begin Research and Development into integrating Water Quality sensors to our product, this will ensure that as we increase water availability at water points, we can also ensure that the water is safe for the communities.
Funding Goal150,000
Projected Cumulative Lives Impacted2,000
New Implemented CountriesTanzania
Recruit2 Board, 1 advisor, 2 employees,
New FeatureRemote Water Quality Monitoring to incorporate parameters such as flow, temperature, pH, conductivity, turbidity.


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