Updated Mar 11, 2019

Emanuel Kungu

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AfriEco-Feed is an eco-friendly animal feed made up from agricultural wastes which makes farming more sustainable and smarter

Stage 3: Proof of Concept

We have developed and tested the prototype . We are currently producing at a very small quantity and selling to the communities around us

Focus Areas:

Livestock & Agriculture and Food Safety and Standards

Livestock & Agriculture and Food Safety and StandardsSEE LESS

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TanzaniaSEE LESS

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There is low productivity in small scale Livestock farming due to poor feeding. Poor feeding is accelerated by feeding poor quality feeds due to unavailability of quality feeds or failure to afford to buy quality feeds due to high cost of feed. On other hand, the environment is heavily polluted by agricultural waste that comes from processing of cassava, banana, potato, and maize in farms, kitchens and markets. This waste is through in open areas causing a serious environmental problem



Making affordable, quality and environment animal feed from Agricultural waste. Agricultural waste such as banana, potato and cassava peelings and maize cobs are used to produce quality, affordable and and environmental friendly animal feed. This feed is used to feed poultry, cattle, pigs and goats and sheep in small holder farmers

Target Beneficiaries

My targeted customers are 3.7million small holders farmers in Tanzania of both genders, all religions, ages of 18+ years with land size less than 4 hectares, rearing less than 100 pigs , less than 50 herd of cattle, less than 1000 pigs/goats and less than 1000 chicken. These farmers are living both in urban and rural areas with average income of USD 1.25 per day practicing either chicken or pigs farming as a source of income.

Mission and Vision

To become excellent in manufacturing of Eco-animal feeds in Tanzania and East Africa with 5 years of operation

Competitive Advantage

There are more than 15 companies in Feed manufacturing sub-sector in Tanzania, which are trying to solve the problem of scarcity/ high feed cost of animal feed in Tanzania but unfortunately none of them have solved the problem of high price of feed to farmers. Almost all companies use cereals and grains to manufacture feed. These raw materials are used by both humans and animals, therefore make them competitive and expensive. Some few companies have used Agriprotein (making protein from the larvae) as source of animal feed to cut down the price but still the practice to culture it, is very difficult, it requires an expensive technology and takes a lot of time to generate the larvae which are used as protein source in the feed. Some few companies have tried to come up with special plants such duck weed which is used as alternative feed for animal. This no practical scalability especially in smallholder farmers but own solution has shown a practical scalability

Planned Goals and Milestones

Starting a commercial production.
Funding Goal25,000
Projected Cumulative Lives Impacted1,000
New Implemented CountriesTanzania
Recruit30 volunteers
New FeatureProduce pellet animal feed

The Team Behind the Innovation

1.Emanuel Kungu Role: To oversee the general activities of the company 2. Elizabeth Kilongola Role:To supervise waste collection and transport . 3. Maria Paulo Role: To conduct planning and management of accounts and audits 4.Juma Msogoti Role: To oversee all operations of services provided including approval and quality assurance of the products



Mar 2019
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Nov 2017
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