Updated May 14, 2019

Margaret osolo Odhiambo

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Stage 4: Transition to Scale

IntraHealth InternationalandUNICEFcreated mHero in August 2014 to support health-sector communication during the Ebola outbreak in Liberia. Since then, the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare in Liberia has integrated the platform into its health information system infrastructure to meet ongoing communication needs for a variety of health services. In April 2015, the platform was tested in Sierra Leone. The Ministries of Health in Guinea and Mali have plans to implement mHero.
mHero has been tested with all government paid health workers in Liberia and a small pilot number of health workers at a hospital in Sierra Leone.
The Ministry of Health in Liberia and Guinea have both included mHero in their national HIS Strategy and Policy Plans.

Registered In Liberia.

Focus Areas:

Health, Digital Development and Digital Inclusion & Connectivity

Health, Digital Development and Digital Inclusion & ConnectivitySEE LESS

Implemented In:

Guinea, Liberia, Mali and 3 MoreSEE ALL

Guinea, Liberia, Mali, Senegal, Sierra Leone and TanzaniaSEE LESS

Countries Implemented In
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Innovation Description

mHero is a two-way,mobile phone-based communication systemthat uses basic text messaging, or SMS, to connectministries of healthandhealth workers. mHero operates on simple talk-and-text mobile devices—no smartphone or tablet required.mHero brings together existing components of a country’s health information system using open internationalinteroperabilitystandards forhealth information exchange.
How does your innovation work?
mHero leverages the principles and standards ofOpenHIE—a global community of practice dedicated to improving the health of the underserved through open, collaborative development. The platform currently brings together the following open source technologies: iHRIS: Free suite of software developed by IntraHealth International for managing health workforce information. DHIS 2: Flexible, web-based health management information system with robust visualization features supported by the Health Information System Programme at the University of Oslo. RapidPro:A free, open source framework designed by UNICEF to send and receive data using basic mobile phones, manage complex workflows, automate analysis, and present data in real-time. OpenHIE's InterLinked Health Worker Registry:Application developed by OpenHIE that aggregates the key attributes for all health workers from multiple human resource information systems and can securely share and validate health worker information using dependable, easy-to-adopt messaging standards. mHero doesn’t require these specific technologies. It can work with any health workforce information system or communication software compliant with the global OpenHIE principles for health information exchange.

Planned Goals and Milestones

Several Ministries of Health in East and West Africa have indicated their interest in the mHero Platform. We are currently working with those Ministry staff and other stakeholders to identify resources to be able to offer them technical assistance and build their capacity to implement mHero. We are also looking for funds to continue our support to the Ministries of Health where mHero has already been piloted. We keep the Ministry of Health in the driver seat - they determine how they want to use mHero and which health workers they want to reach. However, they do need support to understand the interoperability of the technology, the processes for implementation and best practices to using mHero data. IntraHealth is looking for ways to be able to offer that support.
Continue scale in Liberia; grow beyond pilot in Sierra Leone; pilot and scale in Guinea and Mali; pilot and scale in other countries where Ministries of Health have indicated interest in mHero
Funding Goal1,000,000


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New Country Implemented In
Guinea, Senegal, Mali, Liberia, Tanzania and Sierra Leone
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