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Maclide Investments

Maclide enterprise collects used cooking oil from restaurants and other such outlets and processes it into low cost bar soaps which they distribute locally through direct sales and wholesaler outlets.


Denis Aloo

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We have developed the product, we have got approval of kebs and we have got bar codes for our product. We have a bar soap with a brand name TOSHA, production is going on continuously and we are selling. We are getting more and more customers.
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My innovation is addressing the problem of pollution caused by used cooking oil, problem of high cost of basic consumer goods specifically soap and the problem of unemployment. When the environment is polluted and when people can not afford to get adequate soap for cleaning, they are faced with the danger of getting hygiene related diseases. So it is clear that my innovation, by addressing the problem of pollution by used cooking oil, in the process we address many other problems.



We collect used cooking oil from hotels and we use it to make an affordable high quality bar soap. So we are converting a waste product that could cause pollution to a valuable product used for cleaning. Our soap is cheaper because we are using a waste product that is very cheaply available. We are making a multipurpose bar soap, such that the same soap is used for washing clothes, bathing and washing utensils. In the process we are creating jobs for the youths and women working in our industry.

Target Beneficiaries

Major beneficiaries from our soap are the families of these who live on less than one dollar per day. These are the people who can not afford to buy one soap for bathing and another for washing clothes. Our soap which is 50% cheaper is used for bathing, washing clothes and washing utensils, reducing the budget for soap by a bigger margin in these families. By reducing pollution and reducing the cost of soap, we reduce the cases of hygiene related diseases because we promote good hygiene.

Mission and Vision

With this innovation, we hope to reduce the cases of hygiene related diseases by converting waste products to valuable products. We have a vision to put up the biggest plant in Africa where we collect the used cooking oil and be the leading supplier of the highest quality bar soap at the cheapest price.

Innovation Description

Used cooking oil from hotels in the cities is a serious pollutant to the environment. We collect this oil from hotels and take it to our factory, where we heat the oil then we filter it to remove the food particles. We make a solution of sodium hydroxide then react it with the oil. This forms a thick liquid, to which we add pine oil as a fragrance. After that we pour the liquid into a mold and leave for six hours to harden. It is then sliced into smaller sizes, each is one kilogram bar soap. We then stamp them and pack in soap wrappers before we pack in cartons and take to the market. Since we use pine oil as fragrance, the soap drives away flies when used to wash table clothes. I am the one who designed the machine that we are using to slice the soap, you can see that machine and the whole process in the video which I have uploaded in my innovation profile. Our soap has been approved by a local bureau of standards kebs but we are still open for other certifications. Our production plant now has the capacity to produce up to 2000 bar soaps per day, but we have plans to scale up this production to over 200000 bar soaps per day. To realise this dream, we need funds to buy machines that can do large scale production, buy trucks to distribute our products to all the counties in Kenya, acquire enough raw materials for large scale production and to employ enough people to do production and distribution. The same process to be replicated in other regions.

Competitive Advantage

Other existing innovations that produce bar soaps in Kenya are of companies that do oil refinery. They are using the oil residues from their refinery plants to make bar soap. The soap they produce can either be used for bathing or washing clothes, but they are not suitable for washing utensils because they use a strong perfume. Since they are using the hot process when making soap, and they harvest glycerin, their soap feels hard to the hands when washing. TOSHA multipurpose bar soap, which is the brand of bar soap that we make is of higher quality because it lathers much better, has a better cleaning ability and it also drives away flies when used to wash table clothes. Our soap also lasts longer and does not have a strong perfume. That makes it suitable for washing utensils, since it does not leave a strong scent on utensils when used for washing. Our production is using the cold process, so we do not harvest glycerin, so our soap feels so soft to the hands when washing.

Planned Goals and Milestones

Having developed a bar soap that has proved to be so popular in Kisumu County because of its unique qualities, our next milestone is to scale up the project to all the other counties in Kenya and later to extend to some other countries in Africa. We need to acquire machines that can do large scale production. Currently we have a capacity to produce 2000 bar soaps per day, but we want to increase to a production capacity of 200000 bar soaps per day. W
Funding Goal400,000
Projected Cumulative Lives Impacted28,000
New Implemented CountriesKenya
RecruitManagement 2, Production line 8, Sales 12, Collection of oil 4.
New FeatureDevelop a detergent for washing car engine oil stains.

The Team Behind the Innovation

Denis Otieno Aloo: Director. He is a man who has a bachelor of science degree, he is experienced and so passionate about soap making. Jacinta Awino: Operations manager. She is in charge of operations including production and packaging. She is a lady with a diploma in food and beverages. She understands the processes in hotel industry and she is the one who noticed that there is a lot of used cooking oil in hotels. Malcom Clive: Sales manager, he is a youth who is talented in sales.



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