Updated May 24, 2019

LogAlto web-based collaborative platform for NGOs and foundations


Sarah Diop

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Stage 4: Transition to Scale

The LogAlto platform is already commercialized and used in NGOs and development projects around the globe. We are working on promoting the platform with a focus on international NGOs and foundations. www.logalto.com/en

Registered in Canada.

Focus Areas:

Humanitarian Assistance and Data/Analytics

Humanitarian Assistance and Data/AnalyticsSEE LESS

Mission and Vision

We are hoping that LogAlto will help development projects around the world better manage their data, improve their processes, be more productive, more transparent and get a clear view of their impacts so they can analyze which startegies are working and which ones need improvement.

Innovation Description

LogAlto is a collaborative web-based software for NGOs and foundations. It facilitates data collection, reporting, data visualization, monitoring and knowledge management. LogAlto can help you measure your impact in a seamless, collaborative, transparent, sustainable and intuitive way.
How does your innovation work?
LogAlto is a web-based platform. There are more technical details on our website:https://www.logalto.com/en/faq/

Competitive Advantage

LogAlto is VERY flexible.It can be customized to fit the organization's context (branding, fields, workflows, etc.). Our web application is also a intuitive and user-friendly. Since internet connection can be an issue, we are also working on an offline mode and mobile app to facilitate data entry in locations where the internet connection is slow or intermittent.

Planned Goals and Milestones

We have a business development team that is testing various marketing approaches. We are active on social media (linkedin, twitter), organize online presentations, participate in conferences, establish partnerships.
Our focus is now on 1) business development, 2) mobile app/offline mode.


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