Updated Jan 17, 2019

Light of Hope

Light of Hope aims to provide future skills like creativity, problem solving skills and emotional intelligence to primary level children.


Waliullah Bhuiyan

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Stage 5: Scaling

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Education and Technology

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There are setups like the refugee camp, temporary settlements where a school structure is often not possible. In coastal areas like Bangladesh, where the natural disaster is frequent, schools get destroyed or being shut down for months. There are 40 thousand primary schools in Bangladesh alone that are located in off-grid areas. Bangladesh currently hosts the largest refugee camp in the world - the Rohingya refugee camp.



Sputnique allows teachers and development professionals working with education or other development projects to provide access to high-quality education to the children, awareness campaign to communities located in most remote locations. It's a completely solar-powered and internet-connected multimedia setup that allows to take class remotely and take the online class from another place. Sputniqueconnects multiple classrooms or schools even though the weak internet connection.

Target Beneficiaries

Sputnique empowers organizations who work with children and education in delivering high-quality education in a rural off-grid area or during emergencysituation. You don't have to worry about energy and all the logistical problems that you have to think of. With 10-15 Sputniques in different schools, you can connect all of them and class centrally using just one teacher.

Mission and Vision

With Sputnique, we want to connect all the children who are located in remote rural areas and in an emergency to the high-quality learning experience.

Innovation Description

Sputnique is asolar-powered internet-connected multimedia classroom in a backpack that educates children in the most remote areas.

Competitive Advantage

To our knowledge, currently there is no other similar solution in the market that helps organizations to connect rural remote communities with high quality learning experience and with the technical advantages that Sputnique offers. There were few prototype versions before developed by individuals, but Sputnique is the first system that are put into action.
The biggest advantage is it's incredible mobility, flexibility in design and amazing battery storage mechanism that allows fast charging from the flexible solar panel. One can take hours of class or session without thinking about energy.

Planned Goals and Milestones

We are working to develop a low-cost version of Sputniqueand a small assembling unit for Sputniquefor production.
Funding Goal250,000
New Implemented CountriesKenya, India


Jul 2018
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