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LifeD Lab

Lab to understand the dynamics of life using data, science and arts. Creating systematic approaches to Sustainability and Resilience. Working on international and national partnerships to create resilient ecosystems and data innovation for socia good

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David Pastor

Stage 4: Transition to Scale

We are working with national partners to create events and good practices to gather private sector companies to share data and projects to achieve the SDGs collaboratively. We are also working with UN agencies for international development projects.

Focus Areas:

Good Governance and Social Development

Good Governance and Social DevelopmentSEE LESS

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Sustainability and social international development needs systematic approaches in order to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. International development can benefit from big data and AI. Currently, data is totally segmented because it is held by different private companies. However, rich data ecosystem would enable rapid data innovation and scientific approaches. It is therefore necessary to implement methodologies and create data ecosystems to allow data innovation for social good.



We are creating a lab that helps to gather data to create methodologies to promote sustainable development and the collaboration of private sector companies for public social good. Systematic approaches are needed to achieve the SDGs and data can be an enabler if used in a responsible way. Data sharing and data innovation are key for a better internacional development and reduce inequalities.

Target Beneficiaries

Entire population in general and private sector companies in particular that can find new business models thanks to a social use of their data.

Mission and Vision

Private sector changes could lead to scalable public changes. It is necessary a deep transformation of private sector to be coupled with social good in a scalable way and that is possible thanks to data innovation for social good.

Innovation Description

We are a research lab oriented to work between the private and public sector. We have used data to create new methodologies to evaluate the entire impact of crisis (social, economic, physical and psychological impact). We introduce dynamics analysis into data science to highlight the value of the human interactions in their lives as never done before. Network analysis with dynamics analysis have helped us to investigate human mobility and social networks in a innovative way.

Competitive Advantage

We aim at having a lab working with private sector companies and development agencies, but carrying out deep data and social research instead of providing plain consultancy servicies. Doing so, it would be possible to enlighten the work towards the Sustainable Development Goals. We also make a difference compared to academy providing a better user-oriented and client-oriented service matching need timing needs of the private sector.

Planned Goals and Milestones

We are seeking funding to grow and have a larger team to accomplish more projects and offer real-time services to private sector companies. Currently we have several successful case studies and a partner network. We are also seeking for data sharing agreements to provide real-time indicators and perform deep research in large pools of data.
Funding Goal200,000
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