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Stage 4: Transition to Scale

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Focus Areas:

HIV and AIDS and Sexual and Reproductive Health

HIV and AIDS and Sexual and Reproductive HealthSEE LESS

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Mission and Vision

Young Nigerians live in a society where their need to know about sexual and reproductive health issues is acute: more than 60% of new HIV infections in Nigeria are in the 15-25 year old age group and AIDS is now among the leading causes of death in this group. Therefore, Learning about Living has three goals: to use ICT to educate young people on issues around adolescent reproductive health so that they can make informed decisions; to improve the information available on sex education and encourage debate; and to help to increase and improve gender equality in a country where male superiority is regarded as the norm.

Innovation Description

Learning about Living comprises an e-learning tool created in 2007 that forms part of the Nigerian Family Life and HIV/AIDS Education (FLHE) school curriculum. FLHE developed by Butterfly Works, dissolves traditional boundaries by providing young people with a route to reliable sexual and reproductive health (SRH) information, negating much of the stigma associated with asking adults or the risks of receiving inaccurate information from peers. Digital peer educators in the form of animated cartoon characters provide an emotionally safe route to accurate information for both teachers and students, enabling issues of SRH to be explored in a virtual space that is free from traditional social pressures.


Jan 2007
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