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Kolics Ventures (koliko wear)

Part of Ashesi University College

We are a social business that seeks to support skilled and opportunity seeking youth producing innovative products which are environmentally friendly.


Peter kweku Anowie

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Stage 5: Scaling

Our innovation has reached its scaling stage. We have tested the market and it has been well received by the customers who are ordering more. To be able to manage to reach our market in other parts of the country we have to scale.

Registered as a For-Profit in Ghana.

Focus Areas:

Entrepreneurship, Waste Management and Economic Empowerment

Entrepreneurship, Waste Management and Economic EmpowermentSEE LESS

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Kolics ventures was founded on the idea of building a social enterprise with a focus on making products from recycled materials (waste- e.g. discarded clothing) while fostering young talents, supporting the unemployed and protecting the environment. We use waste materials like used textiles like used jeans, furniture woolen, bedsheets, jute sacks, and rubber, like used car tires. Discarded leather and woolen from used furniture to make eco-friendly and sustainable footwear for our customers.



Our innovation seeks to minimize waste in the community and to help reduce waste materials that pollute our community and to protect our environment as well as support train the youth to be environmentally friendly and to help gain employment. Through our activities, we help to empower ladies to be more self-reliant and also to empower them to be financially free.

Target Beneficiaries

Our target customers are individuals who want customized shoes and all types of shoes for all occasions. We also serve those who are environmentally conscious and would like to use products that save the environment. Families from both rich and poor homes can afford quality shoes due to the cheap input which make our shoes affordable. The other beneficial group is the youth we engage because this provides a livelihood for them. The apprentices also get the opportunity to learn a trade.

Mission and Vision

Vision We want to be a model for social business in the shoe industry, providing customers with shoes they will be proud to wear and feel they are contributing towards a genuine cause. Mission Koliko Wear’s mission is to provide our customers with quality, affordable and environmentally friendly shoes and also seek to create employment through engaging and supporting the youth in Ghana to improve their skills to start their own profitable businesses in the future.

Innovation Description

There are lots of second-hand clothing that are imported into Ghana every year. The clothing sent to many developing countries is becoming a problem because those that cannot be sold are thrown into the rubbish bin and ends up in the landfill which is burnt and destroys the climate. We do is that we buy these discarded clothing at low prices and sometimes they are given to us for free because they are materials that nobody wants. We then turn them into shoes. We make different types of shoes made from different textile. This textile would have ended up on the landfill to be burnt. We have also brought together youth who have skill but did not have jobs who are turning these clothing into shoes. The apprentices who are also learning from these skilled guys. We pay their yearly health insurance for them as well. We have also through our engagement been introducing them to new and better ways of building a sustainable business so that, they can start their business in the near future.

Competitive Advantage

Our competitive advantage is using recycled materials in producing our footwear, and this method is more effective and efficient in the sense that, our raw materials are rightly available which makes the business to be more sustainable — also, it's cheap acquiring the raw materials because people do not add much value to waste. Hence we minimize our cost of production and increase our profit margin.

Planned Goals and Milestones

We are introducing new and better approaches on how to manage the discarded textiles and rubber to get the best out of it. A branch will be created to cater for ladies shortly. The ladies will in most cases take care of the new bags we are developing the prototype and will be introduced into the market this year. We have identified a bakery where we will get the flour bags for the bags to be used for packaging.
Funding Goal100,000
New Implemented CountriesBurkina Faso, Cote d'Ivoire, Togo
Recruit3 management, 1 Advisor, 4 employees and 2 apprentices 2 interns(being female students from the Technical University
New FeatureThe base will improve out packaging of the shoes which is supposed to be eco-friendly as well.


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