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Stage 4: Transition to Scale

30,000 monthly active users with about 1,000 new users per day, and 116,000+ registered users!
Economists at the University of Sydney and UCLA are conduct a RCT for the maymay app right now. We'll keep you posted on the results!

Registered in Myanmar.

Focus Areas:

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Currently in Myanmar, there are only 1.33 health workers per 1,000 people, falling below WHO’s 2.3 minimum threshold. Most of these health workers are concentrated in urban areas, but over 70% of Myanmar's population resides in rural areas. With poor health infrastructure and a shortage of health workers, a majority of Myanmar people lack access to adequate health information and services, resulting in millions of preventable deaths.



Irrespective of geography, our maternal and child mHealth app, maymay, provides timelyand professionalhealth information and services on a wide range of health topics. maymay’s features include: daily push notifications and weekly health messages; live chat for users to contact Myanmar doctors; a shopping directory to purchase health products for door-to-door delivery. For more information: https://vimeo.com/135413086 (July 2015).

Target Beneficiaries

We are targeting low to middle-income pregnant women, breastfeeding women, mothers, their partners, and families. Although our primary target audience consists of pregnant women, breastfeeding women and parents with young children, maymay contains a variety of health information and services, ranging from maternal and child health, reproductive health, infectious and noncommunicable diseases to healthy nutrition and beauty tips, which many people can benefit from.

Mission and Vision

Koe Koe Tech’s philosophy revolves around developing solutions which bring real and lasting change to the population. Througour maymay app, we aim to increase access to health information and services and to reduce maternal and infant mortality rates in Myanmar.

Innovation Description

The maymay app will be delivered to rural areas via cheap ($20-30) preloaded phones, SMS blasts via the telcos, and referral agents that will transfer the maymay app onto users' phones via a popular Bluetooth file sharing app so data connections and charges aren't required. A low-income pregnant rural woman can thus open the maymay app on her phone (prompted by daily push notifications from the app) and can instantly have access to low-cost, high quality health products and services: she can read essential information and take fun, gamified lessons regarding her and her baby's health; she can conduct text and phone telemedicine with a remotely located urban specialist doctors who are otherwise practically nonexistent in rural areas; and she can avoid fake, expensive, low quality drugs by ordering medicine, solar lamps, and hygienic products that will be delivered to her door by rural sales agents (who tend to be women themselves) working with PSI, Proximity Designs, and Living Goods. We see the maymay app as a potential equalizer for health -- low income, rural people should not be deprived the basic human rights of quality health products and services.

Competitive Advantage

Our maymay app has been tailored to meet the unique needs of Myanmar users. The digital literacy of the general public in Myanmar is quite low, so Koe Koe Tech has designed maymay to be a user-friendly app that is easy to navigate. The Burmese font is made to be legible and clear, navigational components are visible, and there are clear instructions for users on how to use the app.

We use human-centered design to make sure that we develop software products that match our target audience’s needs. We avoid developing features and functionalities that our end-users will not use. To improve our software and understand the needs of our users, we are always conducting user-testings and analyzing KPIs from our databases. Furthermore, the software we build is modular, making it cost-effective and easy to customize our software. For example. maymay has been used to provide health information, and housing, land and property rights information to women in IDP camps in Myanmar.

Planned Goals and Milestones

We plan to boost our Facebook advertising and expand our Bluetooth file transfers. Most people in Myanmar cannot download apps via Google Play because they do not have an email address (only 6% of Myanmar people have an email account).
We plan to include a method for users to make appointments via maymay and for doctors and health workers to make referrals for patients.
Funding Goal500,000
Projected Cumulative Lives Impacted90,000
New Implemented CountriesBangladesh


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