Updated Apr 04, 2018

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Knopal : Simulation Based Disaster Preparation

“Knopal” imparts disaster education in the most participative and innovative manner using platforms such as visual simulation devices to depict real time disaster situation and postcards for sharing of local knowledge and experiences.

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Stage 4: Transition to Scale

Implementation in the local community

Focus Areas:

Disaster Risk Reduction, Urbanization and Education

Disaster Risk Reduction, Urbanization and EducationSEE LESS

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More than 35,000 classrooms were destroyed in the Nepal earthquake and more than 1 million children did not have a school to return to. As earthquake struck on Saturday – a school holiday, therefore the children casualty was not much as it could have been. With this backdrop, they conducted a rapid research on some of the school to discover that disaster education is dealt very minutely on the school curriculum. Moreover, besides curriculum there aren’t any platforms which provides students with disaster education.



Introduce natural disaster related education in an innovative manner. The targeted population is the primary and secondary school children. They use socio-technical innovations such as virtual simulation devices infused with latest emergency preparedness drills and guidelines.

Target Beneficiaries

Students of the local communities and families

Mission and Vision

To create an innovative and participatory platform where children from different platforms can acquire disaster education using modern tools such as VR devices and customized postcards.

Innovation Description

Currently the program is managed by a team of 5 people comprising of a Program Manager , 2 Disaster Education Specialist , IT Coordinator and a Communication Consultant who come together with the visual simulation techniques to educate the students on the disaster preparation drills.


Competitive Advantage

More than 1000 children from all over Nepal will have improved understanding about natural disasters and ways to respond during such situations by end of 2018.

Planned Goals and Milestones

Currently being implemented in different parts of Nepal but can be scaled up to all the natural disaster prone areas across the globe


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