Updated Mar 01, 2018

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JokkoSanté, the digital community pharmacy to save money and protect environment


Adama Kane

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Stage 4: Transition to Scale

JokkoSante is scaling up after a two-year pilot phase in one Senegalese town and on February 24 launched a partnership with its first hospital, We now have 1400 members and we aim to reach 300,000 families in by the end of the year. The app allows users to trade in unused, packaged medicine for points which can go toward the purchase of new medicine when they need it. All of the exchanges are done at health centres or pharmacies by licensed professionals. Since launching two years ago in the town of Passy, 3.5 million CFA francs ($5,600) worth of medicine has been securely exchanged.
We have 1500 users
Just a few months after launching, the project has been adopted by local populations and has alos won many great awards : - African Entrepreneurship Award 2015 - ITU Telecom Award 2015 - eHealth Grand Prize Winner 2016 (France) - World Summit Award 2016 & 2016 (Senegalese Best Health App) - Ashoka Fellowship 2016 - etc...

Registered in Senegal.

Focus Areas:

Health, Digital Finance, Digital Inclusion & Connectivity and 3 MoreSEE ALL

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Mission and Vision

We expect to impact 3 millions people in Senegal, 50 millions people in Africa and 100 millions all over the world by 2020. The results expected are : promote drugs responsible consumption, increase families health expenses savings, grow private sector contribution on health expenses, protect the environment

Innovation Description

Do you have unused medecines at home? What if you could exchange for points and save up on your next prescription? Our solution is a disruptive circular economy model in which medecine deposits in the community pharmacy are rewarded by points which can be used later to pay a new prescription. JokkoSante is also a trustable mobile platform to manage CSR donations with real-time follow-up and greater impact. Users can also buy and share points online or by mobile money
How does your innovation work?
Our members have an account linked to their mobile phone number. When after a treatment, they have unused unpackaged medecine remainings, they give to the nearest medical center affiliated to JokkoSanté. And they gain points according to the official price of the drugs (for example, 1USD = 1 point). Later, when they have a new prescription, instead of paying with money, they just pay with their accumulated points. ​Members can also buy or share points online to help friends in need. For Private Sector, JokkoSanté is trustable platform to manage their Health CSR activities. They buy points online and target the beneficiairies according to the area, sex, age, etc... If someone benefit from these sponsored points, she/he receive a branded text message telling her/him " your prescription has been paid by XXX Corporation". The company has an account and can follow any dollar distributed. It's important to note that all the transactions are performed in the medical centers and pharmacy and by certified professionals. We sign contracts with them and they use our platform.

Competitive Advantage

JokkoSanté is probably the first innovation of his kind. It adresses a critical problem because the main family expenses in medecine are drugs expenses. For instance, in Senegal, drugs expenses are around 65% of family health spending. But drugs consumption is not optimized as packaged medicine remainings accumulate in households till lapsing or are offered without any medical control. Putting together 2 concepts (circular economy ans cross-financing), we are promoting responsible consumption and more drugs affordability for poor people using CSR funds. Our particularity is that all stakeholders will be rewarded. Even the private companies will benefit a greater visibility as any points donation will be advertised by branded text message to the beneficiaries.

Planned Goals and Milestones

After two of pilot projet in a remote area in Senegal, JokkoSante's new partners include a big Pediatric Hospital and four pharmacies in and around capital Dakar. We plans to expand internationally soon, reaching six African countries by the end of the year and 15 globally by 2020. Our strategy is to communicate widely on our results and then partner with NGO, Governement and Private Sector. Our app is usable by any feature phone (SMS and USSD) or smartphone and is very easily customizable. We think this would help us spread it faslty all over the world at a very low cost
Our next steps are : - expansion in Senegal in 2017 - expansion in West Africa in 2017 - expansion in Africa in 2018, 2019, 2020 - expansion in 2019,2020
Funding Goal3,000,000
Projected Cumulative Lives Impacted1,000,000,000


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