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Smart Medication Management System for Tuberculosis Elimination in Morocco


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Stage 4: Transition to Scale

Since 2014, our system and service is deplyoed in Morocco (Rabat-Sale, Temara, Skhirat, and Casablaca) and in this period, the medication adherece have increased sharply from 77% up to 98% in TB. By this results, many patients are completely recovered.
TB paitents and public health center in Morocco
Our results are being verificated by research team currently.

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Innovation Description

Tuberculosis is one of the major health issue in Morocco and Moroccan government wants to introduce the innovative technology and policy in order to fight tuberculosis, so they have strong will to adopt m-Health system to control tuberculosis in Morocco. The objectives of this project is 1) elimination of tuberculosis in Casablanca using m-Health service based on smart medication device and service 2) market expansion to a whole Morocco.
How does your innovation work?
WHO have recommended DOTS which could improve medication adherence of tuberculosis patients, but it needs a number of well-trained professional persons who should closely monitor and manage face to face with patients. To solve this problem, the following matters should be satisfied. 1) It must be able to ensure the medication adherence higher than DOTs of WHO 2) low cost and high efficiency system 3) networking service of relative organization and patient. So, we propose “integrated tuberculosis management m-Health service based on smart medication management system using ICT technologies” for TB elimination. The proposed system gives an alarm through multimedia to a user who needs to take medicine regularly, and monitors the user’s intake of prescription medicine through precision weight sensors that monitor against over-/non-intake and provides a web-based medication monitoring service for the caregiver or medical staff to easily check user’s medicine intake. Our system has some anther function as follows: 1) supporting a various kind of medicine (bottle, capsule, charta and so on) 2) multimedia reminders 3) ensure the correct dose is always taken 4) web-based medication management service

Planned Goals and Milestones

We have analyzed important factors to accomplish this project as follows. macro economy analysis of Morocco Industry and market analysis of Morocco five forces analysis about the proposed system S.W.O.T analysis about the proposed system marketing analysis (4P, S.T.P etc.) about the proposed system And we have planned some strategy which are 1) production plan 2) delivery plan 3) human resource plan 4) QoS plan 5) marketing plan and 6) finance and fund plan. The proposed project is composed of five sectors which has some detailed activities. Set up an m-Health service based on medication management system for tuberculosis control (smart medication monitoring device provisioning, smart medication management service installation, system maintenance) Healthcare provider’s capability upscale (healthcare provider education, regular workshop for healthcare providers and policymakers) TB patients and his/her family education (education, campaign)M-health service commercialize (solution and technologies improvement, business promotion to IT and communication companies, meetings with policymakers)
The final result of this project as follows: 1) localized smart medication device (Smart Pill Box ) and smart medication management system (e-PROMMS) 2) expanded market of tuberculosis management using smart medication service 3) real-time medication management service and electronic reporting system for public health centers 4) achievement of MDG6 using Digital DOTs.


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