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Jara provides emergency education through the Jara Unit, a low-cost IoT (Internet of Things) device, to displaced and refugee children who do not have access to quality education due to natural disasters and conflict.



Stage 2: Research & Development

Our team conducted in-country research and testing in Nepal. We built three versions of our prototype. Currently in Research & Development focusing on product development and hardware for a 2020 launch. We received extensive media recognition.

Registered as a Non-Profit in United States.

Focus Areas:

Education, Economic Empowerment, Refugees and 2 MoreSEE ALL

Education, Economic Empowerment, Refugees, Technology and Gender EquitySEE LESS

Funds Raised to Date


With 68.5 million people displaced, we are experiencing the highest record of displacement worldwide, with developing countries being the most affected. Adding to the 535 million children who live in conflict or disaster affected countries, a person is displaced every two seconds, 52% of which are children (UNHCR,2018). Displacement disrupts the education of millions of children. Because of the protracted nature of displacement, children are at risk of not receiving an education.



We are creating a low-cost IoT (Internet of Things), low-powered education device that uses basic technology and does not require any pre-existing infrastructure. It is self-sustained through solar and crank powered technology. Through our innovation, children are able to learn anytime, anywhere.

Target Beneficiaries

The need for Jara is global and we plan on scaling our model internationally. The disastrous effects of the 2015 earthquake in Nepal called for our first area of focus to be in Gorkha, the epicenter of the earthquake. Our initial target market is 10-13 year-olds in Gorkha, Nepal, where many children remain in overcrowded and under-resourced temporary schools and 60% of children fail their national exams.

Mission and Vision

Jara's mission is to enable and scale quality education to under-resourced communities, with a focus on children whose education is disrupted due to natural disasters and conflict.

Innovation Description

Jara is an international education company that provides emergency education through the Jara Unit to displaced and refugee children who do not have access to quality education due to natural disasters and conflict. We are creating the Jara Unit - a low-cost personal crank and solar powered tablet that includes culturally relevant education content without requiring access to a classroom. The content is created by local digital content creators to preserve cultural roots and is updatable through IoT technology. The Jara Unit is a long-term viable alternative learning solution for students to learn anywhere at any time. Our vision for the product is to allow for alternative forms of quality education continuity to reach displaced children and empower local communities with an infrastructure-light device. The device is low-cost, durable, updatable, and uses proven-educational models through local partnerships.

Competitive Advantage

The innovation in the Jara Unit is twofold. The first one is in the way the product is designed. The fact that the Jara Unit is a low cost IoT device and can operate without any kind of infrastructure is new. We chose to include a crank and make the device run on solar power specifically to be able to reach even the most remote communities who have limited access to electricity and no internet connection. The second innovation is on the content side, other initiatives did not take into consideration the culture relevance of their product by designing content that was not relevant to the children.

Planned Goals and Milestones

To complete R&D of the Jara Unit and get to launch, we are raising $1.5M. Our immediate focus is towards product development for pilot and launch. The pilot is a crucial step in making Jara a reality in Nepal. It will allow for testing and iteration to build the final version of the Jara Unit and allow for a timely smooth launch in 2020.
Funding Goal1,500,000
New Implemented CountriesNepal

The Team Behind the Innovation

Jara is a women-led company. An electrical engineer by training, Soraya Fouladi designed her life and skillsets so that she could one day, start Jara. With experience in designing and implementing systems and programs. The Jara team includes a development strategist whose work has been widely recognized, a graduate student at Harvard University, a software engineer who was a lead engineer behind Uber Eats, a marketing and communications specialist, and an investment banker.



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